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This Time Feature:Grasshopper latest news to Malaysia!

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Grasshopper will be having a mini concert in Genting Highlands,Malaysia at Genting Theatre,25th April 1998,8pm. See local newspaper to find out about it(the Star newspaper)! You can call up Genting Highland Hotel to ask for more information.Whoever is going please let me know as I want your review on it.

Malaysia Newspaper(The Star) wrote:
Threesome Grasshopper finally signed a deal with Rock Records in Taiwan for a seven-figure fee.Singer Anita Mui and Alex To,both Rock Records artistes,were at the press conference.
Grasshopper has been in the music scene for 11 years and the three-year contract with Rock Records includes a new album next month.Singles from the upcoming album have already been getting plenty of airtime on the radio.
As a follow-up to their new album,the trio will embark on concert tours to China,Taiwan,Japan,Singapore,Thailand and The Philippines.

Michelle(GH Mailing List) said:
Chinese Version can be found at: Click here
Some of the main points in the news (Lianhe Zaobao):
- They have signed a 3 year contract with Rock ...
Will release 5 albums each year (including cantonese, mandarin, english plus other languages)
- Calvin would like to sing with Gong Li .. he said he's her fan!
- Remus would like to work with Sandy Lam
- Edmund would like to work with Jacky Chan
- They are presently working on two albums at the same time, both the mandarin and the cantonese ones, and will probably be releasing them in end of March.
Not sure which one will come out first though.

ZhiX(GH Mailing List) said:
News 1: "The trio are currently cutting their next Cantonese and Mandarin albums, which may be released together in March"
News 2: We gave the first priority to Polygram," he ( Remus Choy ) said in Mandarin.
News 3: Remus + Gong Li ??

Jennifer Yan(GH Mailing List) said:
Wanna know the new cantonese song from GH, here it is : ( you can hear the most up-dated HK pop songs from here and one of the new song is from GH " Two People World " ( please straight forward translate into Chinese ) , composed by Calvin and it's their first song from Rock Company , also this song is for Valentine's Day ! ) The DJ said that GH will never break up and a lot more ...... But, you guys need to have a real audio software first to hear it , of course huh ? Click here to see Grasshopper's news in their new record company and here too!

Grasshopper smoking?And their record company change from Polygram to Rocks

Tami Yu(GH Mailing List) said:
Well, I saw Remus smoking in a MTV video of a cantonese song, 'But on chuen gom (feeling unsafe or unloved-sorry if u don't understand the direct translation) Maybe he just smoked for that video, I am not sure.

ZhiX(GH Mailing List) said:
My friend ( NOT ME ) saw Remus smoking at a carpark just before approaching him for a photograph .. Seems that The trio were having dinner at a Singaporean eatery ( Palm Beach at KALLANG ) when my friend spotted them .. They noticed that Remus went down to the carpark with another guy & they found him smoking there ( cause Smoking not allowed in most Singapore eatery.I have actually seen the photo ( My friend enlarged it to 8X !! ) SO ...

Gayle(GH Mailing List) said:
oh the smoking thing is for real huh? and remus is supposed to have the best vocals of the three. won't the smoking affect it? thought he should know better. anyway, the smoking thing aside, i just saw a newspaper report confirming GH's jump to Rocks. so no need to speculate anymore i guess. hope this change is for the better.

Mabel(GH Mailing List) said:
What do you mean?? jumps to Rocks?? when was this article?? Under which newpaper?? Many people smokes and still can live up to a long age. Smoking isn't a shocking event .... (no offence to non-smokers), the only thing about smoking is that you might develop bad breath and teeth turning yellow if you are a long-term smoker...(oh god!) that is gross... so non-smokers, please stay away from cigrettes, cause' they will turn you into a toothless person in the end...hahah.. just joking!! Anyway.. this is a piece of interesting news?! should we consider this as "caught in the act"?! instead??

Gayle(GH Mailing List) said:
Ok, i saw it in last night's Lian He Wan Bao. just a small article that says that although the offical signing ceremony hasn't taken place yet, it's confirmed that they are joining Rock Records. so unless the newspaper got the wrong info, this should be for real this time, since they have pple in Rock records saying this and that in the article. among the things the Rock spokesman said was that they would give GH a lot of freedom, allowing them to produce their own album entirely, and will help them mature in their style, songs and image. the person said that GH will no longer be 'hopping' around so much.
but i sure hope that's not absolute. i like the dance image GH has cultivated over the years, and even if they turn mellow, i hope it's not a 360 degrees change. GH should still retain some of their liveliness and active image. it's their trademark afterall.
but the most important thing is the serious, really long term effects. and being singers, whereby the voice should be top priority, why risk it? the effects may not show right now, but who knows, ten years down the road, the effects may show....coughing, shortness of to sing?
i think whether singers or not, if anyone quits smoking or is considering it, you should do it for yourself above any other reason. it shows how much self-worth you have i think. if a singer retires 10 years later and the effects of smoking doesn't show till 20, 30 years later, i guess the fans wouldn't mind or be too concerned. but being the singer, if he or she loves himself or herself enough, he or she should start to take care of their health all through their lives. the fans may not see them in their old age, but they still have to live with themselves when they are 70, 80. life doesn't end at 50 or 60 when they retire, why make the following golden years hard for themselves?
ok, hope i've not offended anyone out there. i'm definitely anti-smoking but i'm NOT anti-smokers. i just hope more people would kick the habit by and by, whether singers or not, and fewer people would get addicted in the years to come.

Sandy(GH Mailing List) said:
That's a news from Rocks confirmed GH join Rocks!!! They will have a press on 23rd January at Taiwan to announce the new and sign the contract of 3-year at Rocks. Their cantonese album at Rocks will be release after Chinese New Year. It's so suprise that Rocks already got Beyond and Black Box as their artist!

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