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Music: You Can Hear The Cry Of The Planet

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Sandy's Grassland
Always updated cuz Sandy stays in Hong Kong and get to meet Grasshopper every time they had functions.Great page to look up for their recent activities.

Field Of Grasshopper
Ann Kato's Japanese homepage on Grasshopper.Love the pics.

Eileen's Homepage of Grasshopper
Lots of pictures and all of them are original!Check this page out!

YuenMun's Grasshopper Page
The latest Grasshopper homepage in the net.

Aaron Kwok

Tammy's Homepage on Aaron Kwok with great info and pics!

The Land Of Aaron
This page have links and latest info of Aaron and maintained by Piyo.

100% Aaron Feel
A cool page with pics and info by Sandy Lam and Mindy.

Aaron's Chatrooms!
Four chatrooms currently in this page plus ways to chat in a chatroom and also timezone!Go and chat there now if you are a fan of Aaron.

Aaron's Shop
Shop around FREE in Aaron's shop for news and pictures!

All Hong Kong Superstars

ZhiX Pop Realm
A great links page for Chinese superstars!This cool page is by ZhiX!

Dekin's Homepage
Check this homepage cuz the webmaster said it's worth to see it.

Hong Kong Superstars 97
A brilliant page with midi music and nice pictures by Michael Yuen.

Jen's Homepage
Links to all pages regarding Hong Kong superstars!

The Imperial Palace
Check out this cool page and VOTE for your fav superstar!

Hong Kong Bridge
A great site to check out CDs reviews and lots more!There's a lot of links and infos on a particular artiste which you usually and rarely sees!

Hong Kong Entertainment Plus!
All hk popstar links collection (updated at least every 1st and 16th of the months)

Video & Computer Games

Junon Fortress
My Pro Bro(Professional Brother)'s homepage on video games with cool music and pictures(quality ones)!

The Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage
This homepage is great cuz it's Squaresoft,The RPG master!Beautiful graphics and lots more!

Dragon Ball Z

The Saiya-jin's Pride Page!
This page is one of the best of all DBZ homepages.

Trunk's Homepage
A good site for good pics.

DBZ Fanfic Page
A list of great fan-fictions on Dragon Ball big fans.

Ataf's DBZ Homepage
A Malaysian Dragon Ball Z Homepage!