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NB! I check these links now and then, but it might well be that some of them are broken when you go there. In that case, please inform me and I will correct it. Thank you! My e-mail address is:

Some of my favourites - in no special order

  • AltaVista - search engine
  • HotBot - another search engine
  • Data Fellows - the home of F-Prot, the well known virus scanner, originally created by Fridrik Skulasson from Iceland
  • iName - get yourself an eternal e-mail address free (I have one myself)
  • NetAddress - another place to get yourself an eternal e-mail address for free Luann link
  • Luann® - she is just lovely! One of my favourites!
  • Naurun paikka - check this out! It's in Finnish, but there are some very lovely signs and extracts from school essays in English.
    Select 'kylttejä' or 'Musiikkiaiheista hupia'. (There is a new version of this site, too, but I didn't like it!)
  • Jendela Indonesia home page - Indonesian newspapers and magazines (in Indonesian and English)
  • GeoCities - a place to build yourself a Web home. NEW! Now you get 11 MB for your real estate!
  • The "Web Site Garage" - The one stop shop to service your Web site
  • A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator - looks for structural faults in your Web home
  • Doctor HTML - analyzes your Web site for you
  • Web Pages That Suck - what to avoid when building a good Web home
  • IDG\Swedens hemsida - computer magazines in Swedish
  • Tietokone - computer magazine in Finnish
  • WinZip - archiving help
  • PKWARE - archiving help (one of my favourites is their PKUNZIP Junior, a file some 2-3 kB of size, you can easily carry it around on one utilities disk with very minor disk space loss)
  • ToolZone - Web tools for free
  • - make your URL shorter and easier to use and to remember
  • ICCS Certification ICCS - to make the Web a safer place for our children
  • SafeSurf SafeSurf - this, too, is to make the Web a safer place for our children
  • Made with EditPad EditPad - a useful utility, like Notepad but better. I often use it for writing my Web pages.
  • On-line SMS Messages - MTN - Send short messages to your friend's mobile phone free

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