I complied a list of opinions about the characters in Slam Dunk. These opinions come from myself, my friends (coming soon), and even from other characters! (You need to have a Chinese Big5 system to view most of the text below, or you'll see #@*%&!!!) Note: I'm not entirely done yet, as you probably can see. I'll put in pictures on the sides soon, and I'll also write up info for the other teams too. You'll have to excuse me for putting a lot of emphasis on my beloved Rukawa! ^_^ Later, the number of opinions will even up, and I'll also split the different teams up on different pages.

Shohoku - 湘北

櫻木花道 (Hanamichi Sakuragi)

I think: He's pretty good at rebounding, improving a lot in shooting, and creates very funny scenes with other characters.
櫻木花道: 我是天才, 一定可以安然過關的. (與翔陽之戰)
流川楓: 白痴. (常出現)
赤木: ... 已經成為全隊不可或缺的男人了! (與山王之戰)

流川楓 (Kaede Rukawa)

I think: The BEST in all areas in basketball. I love his attitude towards other people, his unfaltering ambition to become the best in Japan...
赤木: 櫻木和三井也許很生氣, 但流川還是湘北的王牌! (與陵南之戰)
南烈: 也許只有你才能打敗山王的澤北... (與山王交戰之前, #25 - 最大的挑戰)
流川親衛隊: 流川楓, 我愛你! 流川楓, 我愛你... (常出現)
仙道: 他擁有縣內最強的得分能力, 和不服輸的意志... (與陵南之戰)
安西: ... 求勝的意志和爆發力 (與山王之戰)
田岡: 現在的高中生能夠有這種表現的, 大概只有流川一人... 他的潛能真是太可怕了...(與海南之戰)
諸星: 也許已經超過了澤北! (與山王之戰)
清田: 他不是一般的高一學生. 他是流川! (與海南之戰, #13 - Unstoppable)
仙道: 了不起的傢伙... (與三浦台之戰, #9 - 問題兒軍團)

宮城良田(Ryota Miyagi)

I think: One of the best PG's in Kanagawa, probably the fastest. His speed makes up for his shortness. Unfortunately Ayako has no feelings for him at this time. (I hope something happens to them in Part II... ^_^)
宮城良田: 總有一天, 我會是神奈川最佳後衛.
觀眾: 宮城宛如電光火石! (常出現)
安西: 我一直認為你在速度還有控球靈活度上, 絕對不輸給其他人... (與山王交戰之前, #25 - 最大的挑戰)
越野: 那個七號才是湘北的一流前鋒 - 宮城良田! (與三浦台之戰, # 9 - 問題兒軍團)

三井壽 (Hisashi Mitsui)

I think: One of the best 3-point shooters in Kanagawa and Japan. Once the MVP of junior high. His main problem is that he often tires out early before the end of a game.
三井: 對了, 我是三井壽, 永不放棄的男人! (與山王之戰, #28 - 二年之間)
田岡: 三井壽! 他的 MVP 實力還是存在的. (與翔陽之戰, #11 - 僥倖獲勝)
清田: 真不愧是初中的 MVP. 可怕的三井! (與翔陽之戰, #11 - 僥倖獲勝)
神: 他是屬於一進即銳不可擋型的選手. (與翔陽之戰, #11 - 僥倖獲勝)

Ryonan - 陵南

仙道彰 (Akira Sendoh)

I think: The second best in Kanagawa after Maki. Has a very "attractive" carefree quality, that says to everyone, "I'm the best," and knowing that no one can deny that. I like this quality, his excellent basketball skills, and his hair. ^_^
仙道: 最後的贏家仍然是我! (勝利是令人快樂的) (與湘北之戰, #20 - 湘北崩潰之卷)
魚住: 或許, 他比起我來, 更適合當陵南的隊長. (與湘北之戰, #19 - 王牌之卷)
彥一: 仙道是個典型遇強則強的選手. (與湘北之戰, #19 - 王牌之卷)
安西: 關鍵就是仙道! (與湘北之練習賽, #5 - Rebound)
牧: 這傢伙對自己實在太有信心了! (與海南之戰, #17 - 最後的席次! 之卷)
藤真: 仙道是個可怕的角色. (與海南之戰, #17 - 最後的席次! 之卷)
高頭: 他和牧的實力勢均力敵, 所以人緣呢... 在急速的竄升中. (與海南之戰, #17 - 最後的席次! 之卷)
田岡: 如果我不相信仙道的力量, 我是不會這麼作的! 仙道是克牧的武器! 我始終深信不疑! (與海南之戰, #16 - Survival Game)
清田: 他們真的是很厲害, 尤其是... 尤其是仙道那小子! 這是我第一次見到能夠和牧單打獨鬥的對手! (與海南之戰, #16 - Survival Game)
赤木: 仙道... 這個傢伙的實力深不可測... 看來能夠和我們對抗到最後一秒的, 就是仙道了!

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