Stuff about me

Name: Winnie Chang (female)
Birthday: 06/13/82
Blood Type: O
Loves: Internet, Music, Slam Dunk, Movies, Slam Dunk Doujinshis, 皮皮(my Yorkshire Terrier) (Anyone else got a Yorkie? Share your experiences with me!)
Dislikes: Cold weather, some teachers.
My school - Morrison Academy Taichung. My school's homepage is still under construction, but here is the main page for the Morrison Academy main page, which links to Morrison Academy Kaohsiung, and Morrison Academy Taipei.
Below are my favorite "stuff" in life

Slam Dunk characters in order of favor:
1. Rukawa
2. Sendoh
3. Miyagi
4. Mitsui
5. Koshino
6. Kiyota
7. Maki
8. Hanagata
9. Sakuragi
10. Ayako
Favorite couple? "Give me SenRu or nothing else!"
Favorite singers:
1.張宇(Phil Chang) - because I think he has a great voice, and excellent talents in writing songs.
2. 巫啟賢 (Eric Moo) - Great voice, very funny on TV, writes good songs.
3. 伍思凱 (Sky Wu) - Good voice, writes good songs.
4. 鄭秀文 (Sammi Jeng) - Really good voice.
5. 彭羚 (Cass Peng) - Really good voice.
6. 張清芳 (Stella Chang) - Good, crystal clear voice.
7. 萬芳 (?) - Great voice, sings songs that touch the heart!
8. 伍佰 (Wu Bai and China Blue) - Excellent song writing talents. Only real 'rock group' in Taiwan.
9. 張學友 (Jackie Cheung) - Good voice, sings good songs.
10. ???
Favorite actors/actresses:
1. Val Kilmer
2. Tom Cruise
3. Nicole Kidman

Favorite English authors:
1. Michael Crichton
2. John Grisham
3. Cynthia Voigt

Here are some miscellaneous things about me:
- I absolutely adore Chinese history. The wars and war strategies simply fascinate me! I know the whole five thousand years like the back of my hand. However, I know about as much as a potato would about other nations.
- I am almost a coffee-aholic. I drink a special kind that's coffee mixed with milk tea. It's great!
- I have a special liking for the politics in Taiwan, I'm not sure if I can reveal which party I support. My "idol" however, is the present Mayor of Taipei, 陳水扁. The reason being that he is highly intelligent, was the No. 1 lawyer in Taiwan when he's only done 3 years of university... Fascinates me. Wish I could be like him!
- I used to want to be a scientist, when I was five. Then I thought that was too hard so I decided to be a lawyer, at about 12.
- I love to sleep. (Just like Rukawa...) It's impossible to sleep in class because the teacher talks all the time. I did once when the science teacher was explaining something long to another student, and I fell asleep... Good thing I don't snore.
- I like SD for the way it's written. The skills of the players is fascinating. The relationships between the characters is very humorous.

This page will be updated very soon! (When I start to remember stuff about myself! ^_^)

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