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Again, welcome to my Cozy Little Web! The time at Hong Kong (i.e., GMT+8) is now **:**.

Below are links to my personal profile, notorious rogues' gallery, tips on visiting Tokyo, and a hub for my four link pages (travel, education, professional associations, and HK media and search engines). The hub itself also contains links to various comics strips' "official sites". The stuff here may not look like much but, hey, give this novice a break, won't cha?

Regarding the rogues, I hope you'd appreciate the fact that none of the people in it actually resembles the drawings (I don't have a fetish for monsters, pal). You can get a glimpse of my rogues in my photo album pages, linked to the Tokyo travel tips page. As for those rogues themselves (you know who you're), well, remember to THANK me for immortalising you (in a sense ...)!!!

If you don't have a map of Tokyo with you, it gets kinda hard to understand what I'm talking about in my Tokyo travel tips page. To help you navigate throughout Tokyo's public transit system and recognise where the places belong, I've scanned in 2 maps for Tokyo and its surroundings, one on the Japan Railways network and the other on the 2 subway networks. Unfortunately, because of the limited server space offered to me by GeoCities (a miserly 2MB, man), I can't put them on-line for your easy retrieval. Please sign my guestbook below and indicate your wish to get them, and I'll send an e-mail to you with the zip file of the 2 maps.

Lately, I have applied, and successfully joined, a few webrings ; I find their respective themes similar to mine, and think that my Cozy Little Web may contribute something to them. You are welcomed to check out their members' sites as well!

So, my friends, stay tuned! Oh, yes, please sign my guestbook and vote for my page (see below)!! Thanks!!!

Public appeal

I am gathering information to build my second site, dedicated to the works of the Japanese manga master HIROKANE Kenshi (his creations include Kacho Kousaku Shima and Kaji Ryuusuke's Argument). If you know of any good source of information on Mr. Hirokane or his comics (on-line or in print), PLEASE advise. Thank you in advance.

Spiderman is a devout disciple of the late Deng Xiao-Ping:
Deng once said: "One nation, two systems!"
Spiderman says: "One homepage, two counters!"

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Please check out my other pages:

My personal profile!

My notorious rogues' gallery!

My tips on visiting Tokyo!

My links hub!

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