Awlright.. as you can see, I got fed up with the minimal amout of Catzy/Cooan pics on the 'net! It was really starting to bother me.. so, until I buy myself a snappy, I thought I should do something about it.

Gomen, girl from: ( She's now giving me credit or something. Arigatou. ^^

I have many more Cooan pics scanned in now, and I'll have them uploaded sometime this week.

I've decided to pick one villain(ess) from every season and do a small shrine to them. So far, this only includes villains from R and S (Cooan/Catzy and Eudial respectively). I've picked a villain from Super S, and I'll have SM and Stars up just after that. Anyways, enjoy Coo's small shrine to villains. ^^

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