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Last modified: June 19th, 1998
Created by Lull Ansaphone
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"Have you had your break today?"

"Damn, I hate McDonald's," I thought, staring at the television. After a bit of trouble looking for the remote control, I turned the nearby tv off. I realized that I was a bit dizzy as I walked towards my room. "Damn hangover," I thought. As I entered my room I picked up a pair of CK jeans, pulled them on, folded my penis behind the zip and carefully zipped the zipper without getting stuck. I grabbed a sweater from the closet and put it on in a manly fashion. My hair smelt a bit but I didn't care. I was in a hurry.

I slammed the door behind me and quickly ran out. The guy in the elevator wouldn't wait for me so I had to use the stairs. It wasn't until then I realized I was getting unconscious. My vision blurred and I was suffocating. I was out of oxygen.

Oxygen should be regarded as a drug.

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