This site first started in 1997 as "Jay Leck's Thai Entertainment Studio." Back then,I I was really interested in Thai singers and actors but I couldn't find a site about them in English. (I cannot read Thai). I decided to create my own site for those like me. My site became popular really quickly, especially for those who listen to Thai music but can't read Thai.

Now, I want this site not only to be dedicated to Thai celebrities but also to the stars all over Asia. Recently, I have been listening to Chinese music and watching Chinese movies. I have also been getting into Korean and Japanese pop culture. Instead of just focusing on Thai pop culture, I am going to use this site more for Asian pop culture.

This site will continue to grow as my interests do. Hopefully, I will have more time to work on this with work and everything else. I will be adding some more pictures of me and my friends as well.

Take a look around and feel free to sign my guestbook! Enjoy!

News Updates
MAY 10, 2001: Touch and Ning are coming out with a new lakorn. It is called Sang Dow (something) Talay or The Coast Starlight. Go to the RS Promotion website for more details.
Response to Guestbook

Since anyone has the freedom to write anything in my guestbook, why don't I have the write to respond to anything that is written? So, here it is.

To sOvAnNaRy:

I can't find anything on Fluke at the moment, he as been keeping low lately. I'll keep my eyes out for him though:)

Recent Site Updates

DECEMBER 28, 2003

Sorry I haven't been around to update my site. I know people have been signing my Guestbook and waiting for any changes in my website. I just bought a new digital camera so I will posting more pictures but maybe not of Thai celebrities. I haven't kept up with all the gossip for a long time but I'll update those pages when I can.  I'll try to update the site more often but I am going to keep it as simple as possible.

AUGUST 2, 2001

Added some Jet Li info under stars and two of his movies, Fong Sai Yuk and Fist of Legend. I couldn't help it, Jet Li is such a cutie.

JULY 17, 2001

75% of the new design is done. Just have to add a few more things, perhaps a site map since this is getting confusing. Added some more links to my favorite trance sites.

JULY 10, 2001

Made new 115x50 banner. My first animated gif so don't criticize too much:) I just wanted it to be nice and simple. Also finished 2 more Links pages. Getting closer to being finished.


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