Hey everyone! Welcome to my homepage. I updated this March 28 2002... <--gives you an idea how old this is. Whooohoo! Schools almost over! Summers almost here. Hello warm weather, how I've missed you, and how I love you!! =) Yeehaw...it's time to break out the ...rollerblades! swimsuits! shorts! numchucks...(?) ok, no.

Signing off, Lt. Stace-a-roo.

HA...HA!! Did you think you were rid of me?

...I have added a new section to my page...
QUOTE OF THE...however long I take to change it!!
set up: I was talking to my mom about her friend or something, and my mom said that her friend talks about herself a lot.
Me: "Oh, does she only talk about herself? I mean, do you guys talk about you too?"
Mom: "Umm...no, I guess we don't really talk about music and stuff too often."
Me: "What?!?!"
Mom: "Well, you asked me if we talk about U2."
haaahaaaa, my mum is funny.

no quote right now. sorry boys.
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