FAQ's [fish and quails]

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  1. Who are YOU? What are YOU?
  2. Age/Sex/Location?
  3. What do you do?
  4. How many licks does it take to reach the chocalatey center of a tootsie pop?
  5. Why do they put braille on drive up ATM's?
  6. Can you think of other sensible questions to ask?

Who are YOU? What are YOU?

I'm a human being. What are YOU?! .. :P Okay, Okay,..this is a question and answer thing,
so I'll just play along.. a'right. um, my online screen name is 'mizztrix' .. don't ask me how I got
it, but somehow that name stuck to me... trix are for kids! ..and no, I'm not coocoo for cocoa puffs..
err, I mean, I don't like Trix cereal all that much.. s'all 'bout Kix, and CornPops, Smacks, or Frosted
Flakes........they'rrrre grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

My real name????...... :P~ *PpppHHhRrBthh* .. only the privileged ones get to know..hehe.. j/k ..
okay, I'll give you a hint.. it starts with a Joan ...err.. i said it... .. it's pronounced "jone" or "joann" ..however you feel like calling me, it's both my name. People call me so many different names, people get confused. Joanie, Trixie, Jo-An, ToeToe, Dork, Jo, Goober, etc. etc!

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Grrrr! .. .ASLs on chat... that's something to GRRrRRr about :P ..i mean, some people can't even say
"hi!" ..shheesh.... hehe.. sometimes i'm in the "click off all the aSL IM's I get mood"

Age/Sex/Location? Gotta Pic?? TRADE?? <--- looks familiar??..hehe..that's all you see!! it's hard
to keep up a good conversation nowadays.... it takes out the zest in talking with complete strangers..hehe.. anyways.... umm, i haven't answered the question, right? :P

I'm an 18 year old filipino girl who lives in KY. Yup! that's Kentucky for ya. .. and NO.. I don't have
a pet cow.......and NO, I don't pick and husk corn for a living, ..and NO, i'm not a redneck....it's brown!
:P ..hehe, yea..there are asians in Kentucky ;)

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What do you do?

I go to nursing school.

I spend time with my family.

I hang out with friends.

I work.

Enough Said.

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How many licks does it take to get to the chocolatey center of a tootsie pop?

Let's see.... *one* ......*two*......*three*.........


OUCH!!!!!!!! call the dentist.

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Why do they put braille on drive up ATM's?

hehe.. i dunno! maybe the blind people's dogs are trained to drive cars too..hehe j/k

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Can you think of other sensible questions to ask?

err,.. what do you think!?..hehe... help!

Oh yea.. i'm "mizzefekt" on AOL, and "mizztrix" on AIM, just in case you wanna chitchat. :]
Oh yea.. and sign my guestbook too, okie?..danko :)

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