(Warning: The Playhouse is full of Yaoi, meaning MalexMale^_~)

N&J: We welcome you to Queen Beryl and Frieza's Playhouse. Let us introduce ourselves, my name is Nick*Wink* I'm Jack*Grin* and we're lovers, no brothers^^; Our task that was giving to us by the great and powerful Queen Beryl and Master Frieza, is to show you around their Playhouse. Now we shall warn you, this is a fun place, so when you're looking around we hope that's what you have, and don't go wandering off with out us because you don't want to get lost, it's a big place and you may go walking into a room that might not be to your liking, so all we ask is that if it's your first time here, you should listen to what we have to say when you enter any page. Now when you are done looking around with us, then please sign the
Playhouse Book and tell our Lords what you think, or even send a E-mail! On every page a General or one of Master Frieza's men will be there to take you back to the main hall. The Playhouse is ever growing, slowly but surly, so come back and see us again some time. Thank you and enjoy your stay!
Come see what has been added since you were away!
Here is where we keep movies that we directed! (FanFic's!)
The Playhouse Gallery
A wonderful gallery filled with only the sexiest of pictures!
We matched them up and hope you like it!
Playhouse Decorations
Stuff to spice up your computer^_~
A little place for people to leave their work for others to see!
Come see pictures of Queen Beryl and Master Frieza plus their men!
Yes just try and win!!
If you want to know about us then come to our corner^_^
Pets that our Lords have adopted over the years!
The playhouse has been awarded, and given gifts by fans!
Come sign the book before you leave, and do vote as well!
A book of addresses that our Lords enjoy visiting!
Our affiliates: The Bisounen Halfyway House!
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