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It seems I somehow deleted what I had up... Yes, I goofed. It happens. I'm working through things now. I'm also sticking the page through a massive revamp. I'll try to have all the links up and working first, and slowly get the revamp working. Be patient that's all I ask.
But on to other things. Here's a spiffy pic of Rantas. No, not the real me. I may put up some pics of me, when the new pics come back. I'll have to find a scanner first.... Here, scanner, scanner, scanner... :P

Thanks to Aerith-chan who made this pic for me. It's very impressive and a very good liking of what Rantas looks like done only by description. ^_^ Although I think I look to feminine, but oh well. :P

Now sign my guestbook, and tell me what I need to do to make this page better!!! :P All ideas are appreciated, tell me what you like and don't, and I'll do my best to fix it.

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