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The scent of Spring is sweet and beautiful.
"Upon a Moonlit sky she appears.  Heaven and Earth bow down to her silent grace."
Hello, and welcome to this sanctuary dedicated to the inner senshi.  I am SirVenus, and indeed I am quite fond of the Sailor Moon Series.  Feel free to browse around and have fun doing so, I hope you'll bookmark this site, for it will change often.
If you like, you may download all the images you wish, I have no problem with that, though most home page makers stress on
"DON'T STEAL ANYTHING FROM MY PAGE!"  I have no grudge against that.  Please, do so enjoy your stay at this shrine.  In time I will add the outer senshi but for now, please accept what I have available.  Again, enjoy your stay here.
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Isn't she pretty when she's mad?Sincerety lies within the mind, while innocence, within the heart.

About myself:
I am somewhat of a careless guy who tends to joke about life.  I love all sorts of anime, X-out the Hentai.  I always seem a little arrogant in front of friends for some reason.  I often write my thoughts out to better understand myself.  I also write lots of short stories and poems.  Poetry has really affected my life in lots of ways.  I look for deeper meanings to things now, and not just taking them for their outer attractiveness.  I don't go for pushy or wild girls, but rather prefer the gentle school girlish ones for they hold sincerity and innocence, and in that, are pure of heart.  I'm part french, but I didn't take french class.  I should have though, french sounds so mellifluous.  The reason I began writing Home pages began when my cousin wrote one, then I felt kind of left out so I learn HTML in a week, and began writing but I prefer to spend time thinking and planning out a new poem.  Not many people read my poems except close friends.  Tip:  Never go on IRC and give a poem to a girl. (If you're a good writer or whoever you stole the poem from is a good writer.).  They'll most definitely try to make you their internet boyfriend.  I really don't believe in that stuff.  Internet relationships, well, friendships are all right, but a love relationship?  I can't imagine that.  I could be wrong though.  I suppose I've given a little more info than you wanted to hear huh?  Well, enjoy your visit to this Shrine and may love blossom in your life.  Poetry can help, if you can write it.  I hope I've given some valuable advice to you.  I will, in the near future, have a page with some of my poems and short story fan fics if anyone cares to read them.  I have doubts though.  I hope you have fun browsing my pages.

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Her golden hair flies gently, kissed by the wind.
When you leave this place, always remember, Sincerity and Innocence are the essence of a pure heart.
So speaks, the Goddess of Love.

Come Visit again soon!
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