...the dust settles, a lone figure stands...

Doko Warrior

A great war was fought on the battle field of the soul. The battle was fought on the soul of the woman once known as Isis. She fled in search of her purpose, her destiny. This pathetic orb could no longer restrain her. She ventured far and wide into the galaxy, leaving the world she knew far behind. In her travels, she fought many wars, won many battles, lost many allies and friends. During a time of unrest, she met a great warrior...a Ninja. He tought her, trained her, and finally gave her news eyes to see with. No longer was she blind with the eyes of her birth, but could see the world for what it truely is. Her transistion forever changed her physical and spiritual form. Pink flesh gave way to white skin, blonde hair faded to a bright white, proud green eyes faded away. Forever an albino as a reminder of her journey. No longer a hot-tempered brawler, but a fierce and honorable warrior. When it was all said and done, Isis was no more. In her place stood Doko Warrior.

Do not be fooled, all the new changes does not mean I have changed any. I am still the same in every aspect, except that I no longer fight for the pleasure of it, but for means of survival or defense. Be aware that I am no longer easily goaded into a fight, my anger is no longer easy to obtain. I have returned from my travels with many new things and ideas. Beware, I am more deadly now than ever before.


Light weight armor - This armor can withstand many forms of attack ranging from mystical to conventional. This armor was a gift from my teacher.

Shuriken - Various forms of these "throwing stars" are coated in Blowfish toxin, while others are not. Blowfish toxin is a slow killer. After entering the bloodstream, it kills slowly and very painfully. There is no known antidote for the toxin.

Naginata - I carry this weapon with me at all times. Nothing taints the blade of this powerful weapon.

Wrist Gauntlets - When I am not wearing my armor, I have these on. One of these gauntlets holds a spring loaded blade. With a flex of my wrist, the blade slides out and locks near the end, holding in place. The other gauntlet houses a mini laser blaster.

I am not just a lone warrior. I do jobs as well. I am a very successful bounty hunter, spy, and assasin. If you are a friend and need a job done, I will not charge too much. But if you are not, I will say this now, my services are not cheap. The best always cost the most. If you want the job done right, come to me if you can afford it.

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