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Pictures from Kelly's birthday have been uploaded...
Updated by Stephen @ 11:28PM EST | 07/17/2001

Hi everybody! I haven't talk to a lot of you for a while, and I'm sorry for that. I've been really busy with my personal life, and also my school life, and that's the reason for why I haven't kept in contact with you all this summer. Well, if you all remember, our last get together (with all of us together) was at Kelly's birthday, and I've taken pictures of it :), and finally I got them scanned and got them on the web. I've took the liberty of not putting some pictures up because maybe some of you will get upset if I did :). Anyways, just click on the "Picutres" link on top of my page, and check out our pictures, I'll try to make thumbnails of all the pictures ASAP, until then bare with the text describtion.

Picture of my sister, my cousin, and myself...
Updated by Stephen @ 5:27PM EST | 04/13/2001

I don't like how this webpage looks anymore...
Updated by Stephen @ 09:40PM EST | 11/26/2000

I don't like how this layout looks anymore. It looks very plain, and I want something that is a lot better looking than this. If anybody want this layout I'll be happy to give it to them, just drop me a line, and tell me that you want it or something. Well, I'm going to redesign another layout later (as in sometime not now... but in the future). And hopefully I'll be satisfy with it :). Cya later.

Changed the colours...
Updated by Stephen @ 06:15pM EST | 11/26/2000

Well, after a few compliants about the colour being too dark and the menu text being too big, I fix both of those compliants (see I do listen :)). I hope it's more pleasing to the eyes now, if not... just email me and tell me what you don't like and I'll try to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Well that's it for now... Cya later people!

Geocities and @Home sucks!!!
Updated by Stephen @ 11:45AM EST | 11/25/2000

What can I say? Geocities, and @Home never cease to amaze me how sucky they both are! First off, Geocities allows you to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) but the thing is, you can't overwrite, upload or do anything at all while you're on the FTP, expect for deleting files. What's the point of this? Sure you can delete all the files, but if you can't replace them, then it's useless, or close to it. GEOCITIES SUCKS!!! GRRRR!!!, I wish it wasn't like this, or else updating this webpage would be a lot easier than it is at present time.

Okay, time to bitch about @Home. Well if you're a @Home member, your suppose to be able to have your webpage hosted by @Home's own server. It's a good idea, but the problem is due to the execution of this service. Yesterday, I thought it might be nice to move my webpage to @Home, and finally rid myself of this crap I call Geocities. So I went to @Home's website, ask for an account, and they told me to wait 30 minutes for my account to be activated. So I go back online when I woke up today, and check to see if I can start uploading files to my @Home webpage. Lo-and-behold, I can't. Infact, there's no such website at all, check it out yourself, I wonder why they advertise that you can make your own website and get hosted by them, when infact it's totally false. Well this is for you @Home, YOU SUCK!!!

Well, to wrap things up, and summarize what I said in the above post; Geocities and @Home SUCKS!!! (yes, "sucks" is the only word I know).

Yet another update, this time is the menu
Updated by Stephen @ 01:00AM EST | 11/25/2000

Just updated the menu section so it changes images. I don't like how Dreamweaver does the rollover image, so when I have time, I'll write my own code to do this a lot better :).

Checking to see if code works right...
Updated by Stephen @ 10:50PM EST | 11/24/2000

Well from the looks of it, it looks okay :). So this is a very very very good sign ^_^.

Finishing up on the finalizing this webpage...
Updated by Stephen @ 10:30PM EST | 11/24/2000

Okay, well I just finish finalizing what I want my homepage to look like, and by the way it looks right now, I'm really satisfy with it. None of the links works right now, and my Flash5 logo is not done yet, and probably won't be done for a while. Well if you want to email me please click here.