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One day I was just practicing at the skating rink when I came across the most adorable little black pig. I immediately knew it needed a home and I should provide it. Because it was a wild animal (and you know how those can get) I hit it on the head with Marianne. (my little mallet) After a got a closer look I could tell that I needed to name it Charlotte.

A little while later when I was done practicing, Charlotte and I walked over to a nearby restaurant. As soon as I walk in some girl accuses me of stealing her pet pig P-Chan. I have no clue what she was talking about. There are a lot of cute little black pigs around here. Anyways, if Charlotte really was this P-Chan it was her irresponsible act that brought her to me. Then to top it off my partner Mikado Sanzenin has to take Charlotte from me and give it to that evil girl. Of course I get mad and beat him over the head for a few minutes. Then I challenged her to a skating match in competition for Charlotte, and the girl accepted.

A couple of days later I ran into that girl Akane agian. I just happened to bump into her. She should have been watching where she was going. A little later into my practice I spot my adorable little Charlotte alone on the ice again. Akane should truly pay more attention to her. If I owned my cute little Charlotte she would get lots of loving care. Just the day before I had a collar made for Charlotte when she got home and I thought this was the perfect time to put it on her. Charlotte looked absolutely cute in it, but Akane didn't seem to like.

Finally the day of the competition arrived. I specially had it named the "Charlotte Cup". Like always Mikado and I had a most fabulous entrance and all my fans were there to cheer me on. Then Akane and her partner Ranma entered. I can't help but laugh when I think about it. They were so awful you could not even believe it. Of course Mikado and I were winning, but then Mikado has to do the "Goodbye World". Ranma won't let go of Akane and I end up getting so dizzy that I have to let go. Akane and Ranma go flying and hit the wall and I'm so dizzy I can barely even stand up. This is where it all went down hill.

Akane and Ranma were then replaced with a substitute pair of skaters. I have no clue who they were, one was a pig-tailed girl and the other was just some boy. Then I saw it. The boy was my cute little Charlotte. It had to of been, because he was wearing Charlotte's collar. This boy was beating on the pig-tailed girl, so Mikado had to stop him. Of course I couldn't let my little Charlotte get hurt, so I tripped Mikado. I knew this wouldn't keep him down for long, so I was forced to hit him on the head with Marianne's much larger sister. But then the ice cracked and the competition came to an end due to the damage.

Azusa Shiratori ^_^

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