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beverly - 11/22/00 03:20:45
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hey, wanted to compliment your site. It's great to see stuff on queer asians. Keep it up! Beverly aka http://www.snakegirl.net

- 11/12/00 01:29:36


nutron44 - 09/20/00 09:57:59
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Michael - 08/27/00 22:17:39
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Love it!!!!!!!

Jo - 08/10/00 14:14:43
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I love your website, and plan to include it as a link our our Queer Asian 2000 page.

Jo - 08/07/00 16:10:58
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Please pass on this information to your email group members. A new list has been created for Chinese American and Asian lesbians. ChineseUSlesbians Founded August 5, 2000 Category: Top : Society : Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual : Lesbian : Race and Ethnicity Addresses: Post message: ChineseUSlesbians@egroups.com Subscribe: ChineseUSlesbians-subscribe@egroups.com Unsubscribe: ChineseUSlesbians-unsubscribe@egroups.com List owner: ChineseUSlesbians-owner@egroups.com URL to this page: http://www.egroups.com/group/ChineseUSlesbians

w. thompson - 07/28/00 04:34:57
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call for all artistic women of color... Are you a woman of color who is tired of the way contemporary literature limits and misrepresents the work of young women of color? Do want your voice to be heard? Well then, your work is needed for a new anthology that addresses our struggle and our experiences as women of color in the US and globally. Oftentimes, we are stereotyped and ignored, our lives pushed into the margins of society. Through this collecti n of your own personal voices, we are fighting back. I am a young woman of color who is working on this anthology as part of a human rights violation documentation project which is being sponsored by the San Francisco based organization, Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD for Human Rights). This anthology is a direct response to the censoring of the voices of young women of color by the general public and by contemporary literature as a whole. By expressing ourselves, we are taking back our voices and demanding to be heard. Likewise, I am looking for artwork, photographs, and all genres of writing including personal essays, poetry, journal entries, and short autobiographies; please make sure the writing is from 1-10 pages. some topics to cover include: identity - culture, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, tradition violence - rape/sexual violation, abuse, gangs, incarceration, street survival, substance abuse, poverty sex & reproduction - pregnancy, abortion, sex work, being a mother, virginity, FGM [female genital mutilation] expression - dance, music, art, writing, deejaying, sports activism - feminism, breaking stereotypes, mainstream culture, privilege, racism This book will hopefully address issues of racism, sexism, violence, and personal struggle [rape, teen pregnancy, gangs] as well as victory [activism, art, and empowerment]. Please feel free to expand and get as creative and raw as you want without hold ng back. I am vying for strong content and your voices are only as powerful as you make it. A little about me: I grew up in Oakland, California, a very diverse city where I was surrounded by drugs, violence, and deterioration. My parents didn't want me to end up pregnant or in a gang so they moved out with me at 15 and even though I hated it [ iving in suburbia] at the time, that move probably prevented me from being a statistic today. So what do you think? Ready to express yourself? Read on for a little more detail ... While not all of your work is guaranteed to be included, all original material will be returned to you. The set deadline for sending in submissions is September 1, 20 0, but earlier submissions are strongly encouraged and will be given priority. Also, remember to include your name (or alias), age, and location, as well as a return address and additional contact information so I can get in touch with you in the future. Confidentiality is respected and it is okay if you would like to remain anonymous. One more thing, if you know of anyone else who would be interested in contributing to this publication, please pass on the word. Send all submissions to: Anthology Project c/o Wendy Thompson 3559 Surry Place Fremont, CA. USA 94536 Email:womyn_project_2000@hotmail.com

tom Cee - 07/05/00 03:08:39
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I am very interested in meeting gam's that are interested in meeting a 40 y.o. caucasian 5'11'' 167lbs non smoker athletic build, brwn hair ,blue eyes ,living in new hampshire ,prefer non smoker thin to athletic build,24-34 y.o., willing to travel to meet

P.T. - 06/21/00 23:39:44
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May I add to your comment: You are right "Grinding Tofu" in Cantonese means practicing Lesbian acts between two woman. When two woman "doing it" they rub each other with their body. the movement is simulated to a old Tofu Stone Grinder which made with two large and heavy stones on top of one another. The beans will be fed from a hole on the top stone (shape like a drum) the circular motion grinds down the beans to milk forms. The Chinese gay women does make their own dildos. With fabric they sew a sack shape like a cucumber. Then fill it with a Chinese fungi call "Wen Yee" ( means cloud - Ear, it is commonly used in Chinese cooking it is chewy and tasteless. Black in color ). Then sew up the opening. Before using, they will placed in luke warm water, "Wen Yee" will become slippery when wet, like a form of lubricant... The dildo are not make out of beans...

B. Chretien - 05/24/00 15:17:12
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Jieming - 05/12/00 20:08:35
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I think your page is a great idea but where are the stories? Your introduction is well written but misleading! I wanted to comment on "grinding tofu". Several people have written comments trying to explain its origin including a commment that what you et when you rub to pieces of tofu together is similar to the result of some sort of lesbian sex act. Has no one considered the fact that tofu is slang for woman in Chinese? If I say I want tofu this means I'm looking to hook-up with a chick. If I "eat ofu" I'm molesting a woman against her consent. Might the "tofu" in "grinding tofu" simply refer to women?

pam chin - 02/29/00 16:13:08
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thank you for setting up a site that is in need. Now I know there isn't just me out there.

Jbreat - 02/25/00 17:51:05
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I have read your statements and I am very proud of what you have accomplished. Keep up the good work. I am a caucasian male; but I have always been intriqued by the beauty of asian men. I hope to see more on this site. Sincerely, Jbreat

KRISH - 01/27/00 13:55:24
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Hey, Some want this domain www.chineseamericans.org ? Contact genmail2000@yahoo.com

- 12/26/99 10:53:41


KC - 09/23/99 15:30:55


- 09/13/99 03:34:56


Daniel - 08/18/99 13:27:19
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I am doing a master's thesis on how Chinese values affect Chinese lesbians and gay men and their families. If you want to participate in this study. Sent me an email and I will sent you the survey with six or seven questions.

JUNE - 07/30/99 19:15:52
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Tiki - 07/02/99 23:26:56
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Just happened to find you site while surfing, don't know if you are still keeping it current. Maybe you haven't done an update since 1997? Any ways, just in case you are still there, I like to point out something about the term "Grinding Tofu". You wrote: "What the hell is Grinding Tofu? Grinding Tofu is the literal translation of the Chinese word for lesbian. Rumor had it that these resourceful women would get a block of tofu, place it in silk handkerchiefs, and fashion dildos out of them. Now ain't that pretty picture?" Well, the first part is true. "Grinding Tofu" is the Cantonese euphemism for lesbian activities. The part about fashioning it into dildos is pure malarkey. Can you imagine a tofu dildo? The real basis of the term refers to what happens when your rub t fu together: you end up soft and wet, not unlike rubbing ... well you get the picture.

izzybar - 06/09/99 04:25:19
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mari - 05/13/99 06:43:15
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