Us (in Winter 1997)
ERIKA: -20 years old, double major in Asian American Studies/Classical Civilizations at UCLA. Product of Hawai'i where Asians are the majority minority! Keep looking for the green room....
JOCELYN: Undergrad, majoring in Asian American Studies and Sociology (emphasis on Communication Studies, Mass Media) with a Busines & Administration Specialization and minoring in Education. I'm on the Asian Pacific Coalition Board at UCLA, and am a DJ at KLA, UCLA's radio station, host of "KLA with KLASS," the classical music show. I serve as Executive Director for the  Culver Chamber Music Series which is dedicated to providing free performances of chamber music in Culver City.  I'm Taiwanese-American and  I spent the summer of 1997 on the Taiwan Study Tour improving Chinese. I love Kermit the Frog and my hobbies include bumping into things. 
MARK: Fighting the evil forces of conservative ideology, my mission in life is to tear down all of the racist, sexist, classist, and heterosexist pillars of Amerika. Besides that, I live a normal and healthy schizophrenic life as a queer Pilipino Chinese American in the great hills of Westwood. I pay daily homage to my single mother, GROOVE Radio, and Haagen Daz Coffee Ice Cream. People say that when I dance I remind them of a...Horse. Go figure! I believe that there is only one great nation in the world... your imagiNATION. Go out and use it for the good- I'm here, I'm queer- get used to it!
PAM: Pam is a third year student at UCLA.  She is a native of San Francisco and is currently living with her husband in West LA. She has never been divorced.  Pam is short and annoying. She is difficult to tolerate and easy to dislike.  She is not of a pleasant disposition and can often be seen with a scowl on her face.  She weighs one hundred and fifty pounds and stands at a whopping five feet.  She is proud to be a Chinese American...just like the commercial. 
WYNN: Hi. So what do you think of the site? Hate it? Love it? Give it time, there is more on the way. A bit about me...I like to take photos. Do YOU have a story to tell people? Drop me line, I would love to hear about it. Thanks for visiting the site!
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