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Yoshiko's Anime Wav Collection

ready for battle

ohayo and welcome. ::bow::

It is my pleasure to share with you my wav collection.
I have far more than I could ever hope to put at this site at one time,
therefore, it is my intention to put a variety up at a time,
then change them.
So if you have specific wavs you'd like to hear, let me know,
and I will attempt to put them up at a later time.

I'm currently featuring wavs from Kodomo no Omocha
(mostly because I love the series
but also because those happen to already have been made.
I apologize for the lack of wav turnover lately)

Babbit ^_^

Next stop:

kodomo no omocha (child's toy)

Babbit ^_^

Please visit my best friend's website, of which this page is a pale comparison. Thank you.
AliaChan's Anime Wav Asylum

Babbit ^_^

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Thank you. ::bow::

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