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4649 (yorushiku^^) minnasan, Sultra dess~~~. Atashi no anime to music heya douzo... hee...harro everyone. Welcome to my anime and music room. I am the GODDESS of Seduction and with me is my 'partner' Kama, the GOD of Seduction, when your with us you can't get have enough stamina to keep up with us^_~ Look Kama is looking at you and pleasing one can resist him not even the GODDESS of Seduction herself...(and come on, he is gorgeous, thats why he is MINE!)

WARNING: DO NOT TAKE THIS PICTURE (LEFT) THAT IS MINE! I SCAN IT! This is the only pic of this on net, and I will know its mine. I wont say how though.

I have done alot of homepages of the years now and this one seems to be the least updated. I think actually the last time I touched this homepage was like hum...1-2 years ago! that's a LONG time! Ahh..well I just will speak my mind mostly now heehehe...^_^v

Anyways...I have noticed over the past 2 years, that I hate one thing about anime fans and anime here in the U.S. (gomenne minna! demo hontou dayo!) I had WeiB on here for since 1997. And I had pictures on here...well some (i know there weren't alot) and they seem to have traveled all over the net with out credit. Now I know you ppl who have your own homepages hate when ppl steal your pictures without giveing proper credit. And I also hate the fact that I have LOVED this anime for the Longest time now. I have original manga and out of print goodies of this anime (hahahahaha to all you ppl you dun got them and I do! LoL) Well anyways, when it first came out as manga and stuff, no one knew about it! I looked all over the net and no one had anything on it! I only saw a FEW (keyword being 'few') pages in japanese on it. No English one, so I made one. o.k that is fine there. Then all of the sudden 2 years later people are like "WeiB this and WeiB that" and think they know everything on it! It really bugs cause it's an OLD anime..HELLO PEOPLE! And Sailormoon! my god, you americans seem to think you know so much about it! I mean hey I may not be Japanese but I literally grew up with Sailormoon. I started watching it only 2 years after it came out and that's rite in the middle of the "R" series, so I wasn't far behind. So it's OLD anime. And what happend in end of 1996-1997 U.S.A comes out with it and everyone is all.."SAILORMOON!" dun get me wrong it's my Favorite anime of all time...but it bugs cause people seem to love it after it all came out how many years later after its outta style. Like I am saying no one knew about it (well a few ppl did) when I asked about it no one know! Its like clothing styles, they are in and out like ---- (u fill in the blank..think of what me and Kama I will do after he is done down there..hehehee) After SailorStars was over, I cried....looked on the net and people havn't really even heard of Sailorstars! They were all "what's that?" And only a FEW ppl knew of it. And I had all 200 eps of SM (I can understand japanese so it was no prob) and I had ppl trading and paying me money to send them the whole Stars series and they havn't even watched S,SS and not even the full R series, how stupid is that??

The reason I dun bag on Asia about it...well think about it, they showed it there syndicated as it came. In the filipines, they just dubbed it in Tagalog but kept with the dates and everything and so did China. It's just the "great" U.SofA, was how many years late.

I think I will stop this blabbering, cause most of you are probably like "whatever! she's stupid...etc..etc." duh I know how your minds work. Cause if I was a random person reading this i'd be laughing and/or saying the same thing.

Well now there's a new series out there called "Kaikan Phrase". It came out in 1999.4.20 (hahah 4.20...c'mon people I know this means somthing to you uh...people who "smoke"...hahahha^^;;) It's about a Rock band "Lucifer", yes it is based from the band, from what I believe, if I am wrong tell me now. and I will change that line o.k? o.k well go to this link NaTurALeHaPyHigH's hApY ReALm. That's my other homepage hee...o.k well then that's all for now on that. OH yeah P.S. I took out alot of the links, cause there are way TOO MANY pages now on them, and I dun got the time to update those since I have other things in life to do and a few other pages. ALl you'll find here is my favorite anime and my 'small' page on it o.k? (xcept for some hehehehe)

Rite now I'm listening to Dir en grey's "GAUZE" (isn't that like GAUZE pads that medical people use?? hahaha)

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