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Profiles Of the Scouts & things to look at!

Sailor Moon/Serena
Sailor Merucry/Amy
Sailor Jupiter/Lita
Sailor Venus/Mina
Sailor Mars/Raye
Sailor Chibi-Moon/Reenie
The Outer Sailor Scouts
A List of the american dubbed episodes
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What is Sailor Moon!?

Sailor Moon is a popular cartoon series that was originally screened in Japan. Now it has been dubbed in different languages and is screened in Australia, Italy, Spain,France, America, New Zealand and many more. It is about a young girl who is the princess of the Moon (Princess Serena). She had fallen in love with a prince (Prince Darien) from earth. Then unknown evil forces appeared on the moon, they were after Queen Serenity's (Princess Serena's Mother) Imperium Silver Crystal, as it would make them immortal.The guards of the Moon Kingdom suspected everyone from Earth, Prince Darien had to leave. But Queen Serenity knew he wasn't an enemy so she asked him to stay on the Moon and protect her kingdom. Queen Serenity was in the end, defeated, and with her last strenght she used her Emperium Silver Crystal and Trapped Serena with the other children of the moon in her Crystal. But when she trapped them inner crystal the evil force was strapped too. She then threw it up into the air and it split up and flew to earth. Princess Serena was reincarnated on Earth as Serena and Prince Darien was reincarnated as (yes you guessed it) Darien. Neither of them knew nothing of their past, and likewise to the other children of the moon. But Luna and Artemis, their cat guardians, helped them find eachother and become the Sailor Scouts, and defeat more evil.

to learn more about the different evil forces go to Prince Demando's Black Moon Kingdom

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