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Irasshaimashite! Bienvenue! Como esta? Hello and welcome!! My name is Jasson and this is my first homepage on the Web. Here at the Wolf's Den, You'll find news and information on Sentai/Henshin Heroes, Tokusatsu, Martial Arts, Kaiju Eiga, Anime, Vale Tudo/Shootfighting and me.....all this and more to come. These are things that interest me and where else can I share them than with other people than on the Web. So, please come by whenever possible. Ja mata ne!!!!!!

Wolf's den Update page
Check here for updates and news
Team Sentai
This showcases Toei's Sentai prorgrams
Legendary Henshin Heroes
Explore the worlds of Ultraman, Kamen Rider and more
Tokusatsu Generation
More of the Live action heroes frorm Toei and Tsuburaya
Let's Learn Nihongo Together
Here's some help on your way to Learning Japanese.
Hungry for links??
Here's my links page for finding cool web sites!!!
Rant 'N' Rave
Find out about the webmaster and owner of the Wolf's Den
Babes Who Kick Ass (and look good doing it)
Three words:Brains, Beauty and Braun!!
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