Index of Variable Fighter Squadron Markings

(From TIAS Macross Plus, courtesy of Gary Gore)

Translations by Chris Cruz, Dave Deitrich and Gary Gore

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TIAS Macross Plus is Copyright 1995 Shogakukan

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By Variable Fighter type:

VF-1 Valkyries
  • VF-1A of VF-2 "Sonic Birds" (UN Navy)
  • VF-1A in Camouflage (UNS Air Force)
  • VF-1D of SVF-145 "Easy Riders" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-1J of SVF-41 "Black Aces" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-1J of 723rd TFW (UNS Air Force)
  • Skull 001 VF-1S (UN Spacy)
    VF-1 Super and Strike Valkyries
  • VF-1A of SVF-38 "Green Arrows" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-1J of SVF-82 "Dirty Sluggers" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-1J of SVF-212 "Black Knights" (UN Spacy)
  • DYRL Skull 001 VF-1S (UN Spacy)
  • VT-1 of SVT-24 (UN Spacy)
  • VT-1 of SVMAT-102 (UNS Marines)
    VF-4 Lightning IIIs
  • VF-4 of SVF-95 "White Rocs" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-4 of VAT-127 "Zentraedi Busters" (UN Spacy aggressor squadron)
  • VF-4 of SVF-184 "Iron Chiefs" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-4 of SVMF-42 "Blue Phoenixes" (UNS Marines)
    VF-11 Thunderbolts
  • VF-11B of SVF-72 "Black Eagles" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-11C of SVF-110 (UN Spacy)
  • VF-11C Project "Super Nova" Chase Plane (UN Spacy)
  • VF-11C of 644th TFW (UNS Air Force)
    VF-11 Super Thunderbolts
  • VF-11B of SVF-35 "Blue Steels" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-11B of SVF-41 "Black Aces" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-11B of SVF-411 "Blue Lancers" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-11C of SVF-477 (UN Spacy)
  • VF-5000 of SVF-33 (UN Spacy)
  • VF-5000 of SVF-71 "Stallions" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-5000 of 633rd "Mosquitos" Fighter Squadron (313th TFW) (UNS Air Force)
    VF-17 Nightmares
  • VF-17 of SVF-124 "Moon Shots" (UN Spacy)
  • VF-17 of SVMF-45 "Lunar Guards" (UNS Marines)
  • VF-17T of VT-25 (UN Spacy)
    YF-19 Prototypes
  • YF-19 Prototype No 1?
  • YF-19 Prototype No 2? "Eagle One"
    YF-21 Prototypes
  • YF-21 Prototype No 1
  • YF-21 Prototype No 2 "Omega One"
  • VA-3 of SVA-145 "Cloud Dancers" (UN Spacy)
  • VA-3 of SVA-155 (UN Spacy)

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