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This is a search for Japanese DOLL Art! We are also interested in purchasing other unusual Dolls, Hagoita, Oshie Hagoita, Bunraku, reproductions of Shogun, and other dolls created in Japan or by Japanese artists..

The Doll has been taken to an art form in Japan and until now most contemporary Japanese artists were never known outside of Japan.

One master of this art form is considered a National Treasure (ATAE Yuki) and there is a museum dedicated to his work in Japan. Now people from around the world and the USA can world be exposed to this unique artform.

Many had the opportunity to view a retrospective of the art of Yuki ATAE at an exhibit in New York in December 2000. Get information regarding this artist at:

fairiesArtists of Japan at Mann Gallery

Mann Gallery is dedicated to the artists of all counties who create exquisite works of art. We invite you to e-mail photos or letters of inquiry and interest. WE PURCHASE WHOLESALE only.

Our sites is devoted to educating and entertaining those who wish to know more about Figurative Art Dolls. Please bookmark our site and be sure to link to the sites below too!

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