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Hello, everyone, this is the artwork of your friendly neighborhood (if you live in San Diego County) smurf, Yuki Miyanohara-chan!! Introduced by yours truly, Jelouise Kama, of course. Well, I got bored of what I had typed before, so I am right now revamping the text and I realize in this first paragraph of text I haven't said anything about Yuki except for her name.

Yuki is currently a sophomore at La Jolla High School in sunny La Jolla CA. (Yes, we just finished winter with a winter high of 83 Fahrenheit and humidity of 85%. We laugh at you, northeasterners ) She is a real Japanese kid (not like us anime-otaku Nihonjin wannabes) and moved to the States when she was 6. I met her last year as a classmate in Art 1-2 (yes I took that), doodling little Shoujo style mermaids and stuff. I officially caught her attention when I correctly identified one of the pictures as Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth.

As you can see, Yuki-chan draws in Shoujo style, with big eyes and long spindly legs & arms, etc (the type of stuff I usually cringe at whenever I see it). Since she pretty much started off with only inked and pencil sketches, I decided to introduce her to the long and painful torture of coloring her pictures in with art pencils. So now, her pictures are significantly more colorful, but...well...i still think their knees still look like roadkill. (at least its not as bad as Mamoru Nagano art (ie Five Star Stories)). She tends to give her characters a fantasy-type bent; I guess its because she likes intricate costumes and such. The hair is getting better; it started out as hooks and now it falls pretty much like hair ought to.

As much as I really don't like Shoujo art, I have to say that I really really like Yuki-chan's art. Maybe its because her style reminds me of CLAMP...

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