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Sammi Cheng

JL sAmmi Gallery Alpha Edition on-line !!! Check it out!
Sammi's Album Page (alpha version) is released!
Her newest Cantonese album "Passion" @ has released. Visit my Sammi Paradise for RealAudio sound clip and other details.

Hacken Lee

There are not many sites about Hacken and so I try to develop one myself. Hacken's new album "When Found You" 7m'd(l'A has released. Just take a look at my Hacken's Home in Toronto for some song samples :
  • "Good Actor" &n@8$'$H
  • "When Found You" 7m'd(l'A
  • "It's meaningless to win the whole world but lose a friend" (S&3'A >F$F%@,I$S&p&s
  • "Missing You" (L(L$#1K
  • "Crying for You" ,0'A,y2\
  • "Just Want You to Understand" (music only) %u7Q)p7|7N

Gigi Leung

Hi, I just make a new homepage for Gigi Leung. Please take a look and give me some comments!
Coming up :
  • Gigi sound clips from her first album "Love Myself"
  • Gigi gallery
  • Gigi News

Mavis Fan

You might wonder who she is. Yeah, she is -S>e8) . If you can't read the preceding Chinese Big-5 Code, then try to understand my cantonese translation : "Fan Hiu Huen". Get it now? She is a potential star of the future. Here are a few sites about her:

Vivian Chow

I am sure you can find dozens of sites about Vivian Chow on the Web. I think there is no need to add one more to the collection. Some suggested links will be provided here later and I guarantee that you will find them interesting with lots of pics! So far I come up with the following three sites that are cool :

Charlie Yeung

I can find only one decent site of Charlie : I'm surprised of the fact that there is only one good site of Charlie since I remember there were many sites of Charlie. Well, some sites simply doesn't work any more.

Linda Wong

Working on this. Be patient, Linda's 'fans'!

Other Artists ...

Obviously I can't list all artists in this site but you can find some links to sites of virtually all artists who you will be interested in at the following sites :

Hong Kong Music Charts

Here are the Chinese words : %w&\B,y&f:] Commercial Radio will update the chart almost every week! Click for the Official Chart!

There are also two other great sites with lots of music chart results, in both English and Chinese :

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