Bruce Lee Books/Magazines for sale
Below are Bruce Lee books and magazines. In general, they are 1 copy in stock only. If you are interested to order, please contact me via e-mail with quoting relative code number for confirmation. First come, First served. Price is negotiable. Postage is charged extra.
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Bruce Lee & JKD Poster Magazine No. 5 (1977)
Code BK01
Inside Kung Ku (August 1986)
115 Pages
Code BK02
Bruce Lee: King of Kung Fu (1974)
95 Pages
Code BK03
Super Kung Fu: Bruce Lee (1976)
German 64 Pages
Code BK04

The Best of Bruce Lee (1974)
98 Pages
Code BK05

Black Belt (August 1989)
106 Pages
Code BK06
KATO Series 1-3 (1991)
26 Pages
Code BK07
Bruce Lee 1940-1973 (1974)
66 Pages
Code BK08


The Green Hornet (Oct 1991)
28 Pages
Code BK09
The Power of Bruce Lee (1979)
64 Pages
Code BK10
Bruce Lee
96 Pages
Code BK11
'The Way of The Dragon' Japanese Pressbook (1970's)
25 Pages
Code BK12


The Legend of Bruce Lee (1974)
170 Pages
Code BK13
Bruce Lee Lives? (1975)
170 Pages
Code BK14
Inside Kung Fu (Nov 1984)
113 Pages
Code BK15
Inside Kung Fu (Sep 1985)
106 Pages
Code BK16

Inside Kung Fu (Sep 1986)
104 Pages
Code BK17
Inside Kung Fu (Aug 1987)
110 Pages
Code BK18
Inside Kung Fu (April 1988)
113 Pages
Code BK19
Bruce Lee: His Unknowns in Martial Arts Learning (1977)
74 Pages
Code BK20


Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon (1978)
74 Pages
Code BK21
Bruce Lee: His Privacy & Anecdotes (1976)
70 Pages
Code BK22
Bruce Lee: The Secret of JKD & Kung Fu (1976)
70 Pages
Code BK23
The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu No.17 (1975)
74 Pages
Code BK24

Bruce Lee Memorabilia
Hard Cover (1997)
115 Pages
Code BK25
Bruce Lee Chinese Mini Book (1998)
133 Pages
Code BK26
Jeet Kune Do Chinese Book
240 Pages
Code BK27
Jeet Kune Do Chinese Book
276 Pages
Code BK28

'Bruce Lee & I (Linda)' Chinese Magazine (1976)
Code BK29
'Portray of Bruce Lee' Chinese Book (1998)
400 Pages
Code BK30
Tao of Bruce Lee
177 Pages
Code BK31
Y2K Hero: The other side of Bruce Lee
(1999) 104 Pages
Code BK32