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Welcome to the cyberspace home of Enya Mizuguchi, Spiritualist of Britannia. This small book is dedicated to my profession, Spiritualism. I have found that most people are very confused about exactly what spirituality is, and what spiritualists do, and hope that this might help give some insight to my work.

Spirituality is not only the state of being spiritual concerning religious values and beliefs, but also the study of spirits, the occult, and anything else "unknown" to our current time. It deals with looking into all periods of time -- past, present, and future -- as well as different spiritual levels beyond this concious to answer questions and solve occult cases.

A spiritualist's job covers many areas, such as having knowledge in reading the stars and forming astrological natal charts, reading the Tarot, interpreting dreams, giving past life regressions, communicating and dealing with several kinds of spirits and other supernatural creatures, and other occult matters. On the below pages there will be information about these different tasks, which may help clarify exactly what they are and what I do.

If anyone ever has a spiritual case that they need help with, or are just curious and wish to explore who they were, who they are, or who the will be, please do not hesitate to contact me. I work by contract, and prices will be established depending on the job at hand.

July 27, 1998 by Enya

To contact me, please send me a letter. You can also reach me by pidgeon number 78154277.

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