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Welcome to what will be the best home page ever devised by man (gotta start somewhere) This page will be dedicated to all Tokusatsu fans (you know who you are) For starters, the word Tokusatsu is a genre in Japan that includes live action science fiction shows. Godzilla movies, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai shows fit into this category. In the meantime, here's a little something about myself:

Black Rx's favorite Tokusatsu shows

My craving for live action shows didn't really begin until 1989, the year I discovered Kamen Rider Black.. In 1991, the desire for Super Sentai began when I saw for the first time-Chojin Sentai Jetman (Birdman Task Force Jetman). I got hooked, and the rest is history....

Birdman Task Force Jetman

Featuring: Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk
Gai Yuki/Black Condor
Raita Oishi/Yellow Owl
Kaori Rokumeikan/White Swan
Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow
This two parter (Episodes 31-32) involved the Jetman team barely escaping the clutches of Mu; one of the 3 Demon Beasts. Gai (Black Condor) and Kaori (White Swan) decide to leave the team (hence the episode name "The Task Force Breaks Up!") Bad timing, because the other two remaining demon beasts, Ramon and Gogu, plot to take over Viram. They use the abandonment to their advantage, and easily defeats the remaining three members Ryu (Red Hawk), Raita (Yellow Owl), and Ako (Blue Swallow).The demon beasts terrorize Tokyo and turn the humans into fruits (pineapples?!), eating them in the process.. Maria of Viram (whom also happens to be Ryu's presumed dead girlfriend,) attacks and is then reverted by the demons back to her original form-Rie Aoi.. Ryu consoles her and encourages her to join the team. Gogu enlarges himself to finish off Jetman, and Ryu then summons Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda to do battle with the giant. Gogu is still too powerful for the robots to handle and has both of them on the ropes. However, Commander Odagiri has an ace in the hole, in the form of Tetra Boy; Jetman's third 'robo'. He turns the tide for the task force and finishes off Gogu with the Tetrabuster cannon. Meanwhile, Count Radeige converts Rie back to her persona of Maria, and as Ryu returns from battle, she attacks! Ryu tries to snap her out of it, but to no avail. Ryu is beaten down and defeated, unwilling to fight his girlfriend.

In the second episode, "Wings Again", our story opens as Ryu finds himself back at Skycamp base, but at this point, he is hallucinating that he and Rie are still together. Even Gai and Kaori tried to snap him out of his trance, but to no avail.. Meanwhile, Gogu crawls back to Ramon, critically injured, and tries to heal each other. They are ambushed by Radeige and Grey. They abduct Gogu's body, return it back to Ramon, and as Ramon revitalizes Gogu, a group of Bio-Dimensional parasites attack him and Gogu; combining them into one composite being. While Ryu battles Maria again, the rest of the Jetman team battle the combined Ramon/Gogu creature, and get their clocks cleaned. Ryu snaps out of his delirum, helps his teammates, smashes the Demonbeasts, then summons Jet Icarus and Bird Garuda to finish it off with the "Hyper G Attack"..

By far, my favorite sentai show, and I'm so glad that Saban didn't start the Power Ranger craze with this show...

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Super Powered Task Force Oh-Ranger

Episode 6-7 'The Powerful Enemy Brain Machine' and 'Completed! The Super Powered Robo'

The Machine Empire Baranoia uses their next machine beast Bara Brain in order to manipulate Chief Counselor Miura (played by none other than Hiroshi Miyamuchi a.k.a. Kamen Rider V3!) with his "Psychic Power". The Oh-Rangers go into battle, and face Bara-Brain's counterpart, Bara Serpent. Yuji (Ohblue) and Momo (Ohpink) activate the Choriki (Super powered) mobiles Dash Leon and Moa Loader, but it's not enough to dent the new monster...

Counselor Miura has been kidnapped by Bara-Brain, and is sentenced to death in 1 hour unless Oh-Ranger surrenders. In the meantime, the other Choriki mobiles (Skyphoenix,Grantaurus,and Dogulander) are completed and attack Bara-Serpent. Their power is depleted, but the Tetrahedron pyramid activates the crystals in the Oh-Ranger vehicles-in turn, it helps them to at last combine into Oh-Ranger Robo! (That's the Zeo Megazord for you other PR fanatics) In no time, the mighty robot makes short work of Bara-Serpent with the Super Crown Sword, using the Crown Final Crash techinque. In the process, Bara-Brain, without his monster to control,is instantly destroyed as well. The team rescues the counselor, and all is well (until the next episode,of course).

Light Task Force Maskman

I like this series because of the team's ability to use their aura power against the Tube Empire. A lot of action, especially when Takeru (Red Mask) goes to save Princess Ial, who was entombed in ice by Emperor Zeba. After Takeru rescues her, we learn in episode 50 about Zeba's origin. He wasn't truly human, but a grown son of the original Lethal Dogler monster. The robots are cool, too, although I expected the main robo, Great Five to do battle against the now mutated Zeba/Lethal Dogler. Instead, we have the second robot, Galaxy Robo, to deal with the villain and save the world from eternal darkness....

High Speed Task Force Turboranger

This Super Sentai series is also one of my personal favorites as well. The first story introduces us to the Rugger Fighter, which transforms into Turbo Rugger. Episode 29 spotlights Daiichi(Black Turbo) who plays a major role in helping Dr. Dazai to complete the mecha. A lot of action in this one, especially when Black Turbo takes on Jamin and defeats her. While the Turborangers celebrate the victory, Dr. Dazai is kidnapped by Yamimaru,which continues in the next episode..

Episode 30 was just as intense, as Emperor Ragon(leader of the 100 Violent Demon Tribes) sends down Professor Leda to do in our Turborangers with his mighty Super Violent Demon(Chomajin Boma). He almost succeeds in burying Turbo Rugger alive, until Turbo Robo comes to the rescue. Amidst the battle, Robo and Rugger are able to merge into Super Turbo Robo! The combined might of the 2 robos sends the monster down to defeat, courtesy of the Super Mirage beam (should've got a few licks in before blowing the demon away). Riki(Red Turbo) defeats Leda in battle, and rescues Dr. Dazai... When I first saw this,the first thing that came to mind was that this somewhat resembles the Power Rangers(I shudder with mention of that name), Ironically, there's a Power Rangers Turbo coming out this year, but this has little or nothing to do with the original Kousoku Sentai...

Some final thoughts: The opening theme song to Turboranger is slamming! Only the opening theme to Jetman tops this!

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