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The Chinese edition of PC Magazine has been put
on net by
Chinabyte. It is not the comprehensive translation
of the English edition. So come for a visit and I bet you can
find some thing new.


Personal Interests & Hobbies

Physics and technology - OCLC & NASA Kennedy Center
Music -
Classicals & Other Kinds. Mozart & Bach
Basketball - I love this game -
NBA . Jordan Forever.
Computer -
Microsoft & IBM & Texas Instrument.

Gateway to China

Want to know more about China, you can read Newspaper
Periodicals. Chinese BBS and China Links is another way to understand China . You may also download the most popular
Chinese system - Richwin forInternet - for free at
with this software you can view nearly all kinds of Chinese systems, such as GB and BIG5. You can change your chinese system from one to the other easily.

Chinese Culture

Sure you may want to access China by reading Chinese
literature. People who want to know more about
Chinese arts may browse

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