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You have just entered the Ultimate Circle of Magic!! Here you can get information on the Oh! My Goddess! OAV collection (OAV stands for Original Animated Video), a detailed profile of each of the main and supporting cast of the OAV (and manga) as well as some of the best pics you'll find on the Net!
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My OWN Goddess love story...
Ah! My Goddess is a manga originating in Japan (well, they all come from there) created by Kosuke Fujishima about 5 to 6 years ago. It became widely popular in Japan and Hong Kong and finally made its way here in 1993 after Animego subbed and dubbed the five episodes of the OAV. I was first introduced to the manga while browsing through the pages of Wizard magazine when I saw the cover page for part 3 of 6 from the series "Terrible Master Urd" of the translated Manga done by Darkhorse comics. (you can see it by clicking here). After buying the comic I was intrigued by these three goddesses and went to buy the rest of the series.

While in Hawaii this past winter, I took my annual trip to Blockbuster video and decided to rent the videos to see if they were any good. I watched the first two episodes, Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms and A Midsummer Night's Dream and was instantly hooked. I loved it so much that I went back the next day and got the other three episodes. Ever since, I have become an avid fan of the series mainly collecting the translated manga and pictures from the Internet. I have also atempted a few times to draw the manga covers. If I ever get the chance, I'll even scan some in for you to see!! Thanx for visiting!!

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