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Hyas everyone! Welcome to Iria's Paradise, glad you could make it. On this web site, you'll find a variety of things related mostly to Japanese animation.
  • "What's New" : Lists the new stuff on this site.
  • "Iria's Fan Art Gallery" : Features my artwork of anime characters.
  • "Anime Lyrics" : I've transcribed anime song lyrics from Japanese into Romanji.
  • "Megumi Ogata" : A page I've dedicated to my favorite anime voice actress.
  • "Skye" : A manga I've been working on. (and working on, and working on...)
  • "Iria : Zeiram Animation pics" : 2 cels from my favorite anime, Iria. Link to an Iria site with more images.
  • "Downloads" : Downloads include Winamp skins and 3D animations I've made, and the theme songs to the anime, Iria.
  • "Links" : A list of links to other pages
  • "Profile" : A little bit about me

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