R2 Gundam Wing FANATIC Hall is closed.

Thank you for visiting R2 Gundam Wing FANATIC Hall.

I've decided to close this site because of the copyright guideline given by Sunrise, the producer of Gundam Wing.
I thought I should obey what they say as a GW fan in order to enjoy upcoming creations by Sunrise.

Below are a few parts of their Internet copyright guideline:

  • Sunrise will not accept any forms of usage of their materials on the Internet. Exceptions are the qualified companies/organizations that they approved ONLY.
    They will not approve any individuals as qualified users of their materials.

  • They will not allow you to use Sunrise-related things even if your site is personal or non-profit website.
    They are only for personal and private usage, not for Internet archives, galleries etc. (these are not considered as personal), and you can't provide the public with Sunrise's materials.

  • You also cannot use fanarts/fanfictions of Sunrise creations without their approval.
    Fanarts and fanfictions are called "secondary-copyrighted materials," (I think) and in order to create such things, you need to have the producer's acceptance.

Phew, that was long and my English is still crappy. I've been displaying many Gundam Wing fanarts/summaries/information on this site, but it's not possible anymore as you can see.

Thanks to those who visited and supported this site, including my friends who contributed their knowledge and skills. ^_^;;
I will open another fanarts site (that does not contain any Sunrise-related things) in http://members.tripod.com/ripplez/, so please visit if you're interested.

February 1999, Ren Nagura