ChibiUsa97's Mailed Pics 2

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This page will contain pictures mailed to me be by other Chibi-Usa Fans, and each will link up to the senders e-mail address!!! It will take a while for sent pics to show up thought, since I have to upload them thru another user name, so please be patient! To make it easier & faster for me to add your sent pics, put your e-mail address & file name as the reason for the email, and send the pics to

The last page got so big, that I had to create a new one at geocities! Sorry about the delay. If you sent me pics a long time ago, and they don't show up in the next few days, please e-mail me a reminder! I'm so far behind right now, that I might accidentally miss a file or two, and I apologize if that person happens to be you! Expect this page to grow quickly--