Ive been told she looks like me :

The MIDI's kept fuckin up my computer, so now therre gone. How sad.

Look at the gif.Watch it move.You are getting sleepy.Very Sleeeeeepy.ThE PLacE is the best web page you have ever seen.You will sign the guestbook.You will send me your credit card number..........

These are so kawaiiiiiiiii


Oh my god Shauna! We've been to your page times! Yes, I finally broke down and got a geocities counter. I is sad. Now I have shroom! I is happy!

Click on Mista Shroom to read the shroom rant. I was very fucked when I wrote it. Like, really fucked. I could think ok, but I couldnt type my thoughts at the time. I hadda very short attention span.
Um, the rant was deleted cuz it was too weird. Sorry, but I do have a little pride left.

here Shauna, have a 'nother shroomie.
wow ain't it cool? {Shroom was deleted fer space reasons}
ok, I'm stating this for no reason. touched by an angel really, really REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sucks. I cannot stress this enough. You should be shot if you enjoy watching that show for any reason other than laughing at the sheer idiocy. Even that is pushing it a little.
Heh heh.. "Touched". Very Catholic. Heh heh heh.

Hello this is my page (i bet ya couldnt guess huh?) Its now an all-around-anime-page.kool huh.Oh ya blah blah blah and all that other shit.

oh ya if i catch you copying junk off my page with out my ok i will personally kill you in such painful ways that you will WISH were i make my self clear?

This is a cause I truly belive in.
This is my own ribbon thingy.

my signy booky thing

How Da World Was Made

Click Here to see Sophie.
She is the anti-christ.
You will be able to read about her zany adventures as soon as I learn to draw.

Also, you can go to Slave Labor Graphics. Where comics like JTHM and Lenore are published! What Koolness!

hmm... gasp! here's a note from Sam, the typing impaired! um... I have nothing to say but

marvel at the trippy globe thing! it's trippy! it even sez so! ok the end frum Sam.

TNA is cool.

Insane Ranting Area 3
*Gasp!* The insane ranting area has moved!
Go to it now at Bich land.
I wuz checking the links on my midis page when i got some stupid not have the right files message!!!!!!
so i just uploded *all* of the midi files again. So hopefully that fix'd it. And if it didnt, tough. I fix it later. So there. ::smug grin::
yes, i know im not kool
The End. (No its not, I still have more babbiling to do!)
Here is tina the troubled teenager. She reminds me of me.
Tina the Troubled Teen

Linkz 'n' shit

Sam's Page read it now or dieeeeeeeeeeeee
join the negaverse (yes its negaverse not dark moon kingdom)i did but then my person got eraced or somethin
this is a sailor iron mouse shrine
go here this place rox
this is a pysco page!!!!!!its fun!!!!!!!!
Hey read about the Power Rangers gettin' their butts kicked.
heh heh heh.....bombs are kool.....heh heh heh

Ok green day doesnt suk. Im sorry its just true. How many ppl hate them cuz their friends do?
Anywho my english/japanese (soon i will go to japan and flee my life of unemployment) teacher came to look at my site. Kinda freaky how he teaches both. I think he signed the book, im not sure cuz its 1 in the morning (why do i always get the urge to update at 1? it explanes alot about my page) and lpage is updating. stupid lpage.
i think my parents will be gettin a fone call soon cuz of all the, er . . . .. . . interesting things on my page.
YaY! He didnt phone my parents and we got to look up drug at school fer a 'research' project. Heh. Wasnt aloud to do demos tho *sniff*.

Since i dont have anythin' realy meaningful to say im just gonna' put up link thingys to my stuff.HTML pages.
Oh ya.Try and find the hidden link (its obvious when you go to the right page).

This is the absolute cutes pic but it's pretty big
No i didnt erace your ray of black sunshine.It's right here
this is a page about me!
Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!My Jadeite pic collection is up!!!!!!!
look at my kool ringz

These are non anime midis like Nirvana and stuff
i did it
i made the diff sections of anime junk
yay for me go to My first fanfic.Its about the evil people on SMoon.
Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2section or my Ghost in a shell (i have a manga of it)



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