Bitch Land

This is a page about me. Dont you feel enlightend? I bet you do.
Ok I am currently 14 years of age, I have my learners permit, which alows me to drive if

1) I have some anoying 18 yr old person in the car, which is pretty hard to find concidering how well i drive and
2) The person wasnt kidnaped and forced to drive with me.
So, my is pretty much driving free. I do have a scooter, which is a hell of a lotta fun, but not in winter.

Please send tweeds (tweeds=weed) for presents! I want tweeds damnit!

As for my looks, Im not tellin. Nya nya. Ok fine. I have rainbow hair. Its gotta blond streak in the bangs, red on top (its kinda browny red) and black at the bottom. My eyes are yellow. If you saw them, you'd say there brown but if you look close there yellow. How kool, huh? Im really to damn short (5'3 *ick!*), and my hairs kinda long, but in a short way. Are you confused yet? Liar, you are so. I see through your simple plots. Can you say
Did that work? Damn ftp. Oh well its sposed to say paranoia. Its so damn kool. I riped it off some page.
If you care, my full name is Shauna Lee Miller. Please dont stalk me. I have enough people doing that already.

Here is my insane ranting, I promised Id put it here, didnt I?
You thought id just forget or something like all the passwords to my other pages so they dont get updated. So bleh to you.

Ok I do some pretty stupid things, but there IS a limit. Before my math final, and math isnt my best subject, I decided to get stoned. Well me and Jessi did (Jessi is my friend who I get fried with, but we do other shit mostly, drugs are just to damn expencive on a limited income [whatever my parents will give me]). Jessi isnt to bright at math either, so we did it a safe amount of time (or so we thought [look its foreshadowing! Isnt that kool boys and girls?{The answer is no.}]) beforehand. But then suddenly, I couldnt work my calculator! Questions that looked 'to hard' got random answers in them! I was lucky that I got 52% as a final mark! My parents bugged the fuckin shit out of me for that! "I dont care if the rest of your marks are 60+! Blah blah blah. Bitch bitch bitch."
I just love my parents. My mom does weed, I got busted for it, and my WONDERFUL father almost sent me to jail! Yeah go ahead dad, ruin my life! Here in Alberta, its still a capital offence *gag* I think its really, really stupid to have it illeagel. Im mean what the fuck, alcahol is worse for you, smoking gives ya cancer (I quit! Im so damn proud!) and now, you cant breath the air in certain citys or you'll die of monoxide poisoning or something! It isnt fair damn it!!!!!!!! (Yes Im well aware that life isnt fair, I still can bitch tho.
And now for a completely new subject:
Do ya like my new banner? Send me an email or sign my guest book!

Isnt that nice? I have alot of hidden resentmet tword everyone and every thing.
If people knew what I am thinking while they're there talking, they would run and hide. I mean its just unhealthy.
My comments are in italics.
{Caitlin} Robert! Your a prick! Shauna isnt he a prick?
{Me} Sure. Whatever you say. Please please go have a smoke. Your nick fits are driving me insane! And your acting like a fucking retard!
{Robert} [To me.] She should be a blond. True
{Me} Your not very nice. Its not her fault shes a crack victim. Who am I kidding. It is. Quit trying to make her quit smoking! Damnit Im going to kill you! [This is wear it starts to get unhealthy.]
{Caitlin} How do you spell up? I didnt just hear that. I just didnt hear that.(that sounds like that person who can't spell. you know who i mean. -sam)
{Robert} Uh.....yeah ok.......
{Caitlin} Its not funny! I am going to reach over and strangle her untill she shuts up. Then I will do the same to Mrs. Racine. Then I will poison Airdries water supply. God damn hick town. Fuck do I hate it here. I HOPE THEY ALL DIE!!!!!!!!
{Me} ::Pulling out a gun from reigons undisclosed (if Usagi can do it, so can I):: DIE FUCKERS!!!!! ::Killing everyone in the class room and in the halls::

Ha ha. I eraced Samz writing.

I have a carbonation machine---The Carbonator.
My god I must have been on crack when I named my soda mate.
Well, Thats it for now kiddies, cya.
P.S.----Read the Ode To Geocities.

HA!!!!!!! I MADE YOU SCROLL!!!!!
Yes, I know Im not kool.

My Ode to Geocities
G Is for the garbage they foce on your page
E Is for the evil editor
O Is for their overloaded servers
C Is for the relentless crap they put you through
I Is for idiocy of the advertisers
T Is for tasteless pop-up ads
I Is for insanity it caused
E Is for other evil editor
S Is for stupidity of the homestead idea
Put em all together, and they spell GEOCITIES and thats why my page is even up

Why dont you just hit back on your browser?
you linked to your page wrong, i fixed it, but i hafta point it out to feel pathetically superior.
I KNOW I DID!!!! THAT WUZ ON PURPOSE BECUZ ITS STUPID TO CLICK ANOTHER LINK!!!! ITS FASTER TO HIT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok well the link is screwed again. So bleh to you all.

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