Purple Ribbon

This page addresses the very serious problem of people who are not on any form of recreational drugs.
I decided to start this page when I heard that many people have not even try'd any form of a high, even a cheep buzz! Many havent even try'd alchol!
This is very disturbing.
So, I decided to form my Purple Ribbon Campain.
I got the ribbon idea when the Yellow Ribbon (suicide) people came to our school. Needless to say, me and Sam spent the whole time cracking jokes and getting death glares. If people (I) want to die, leave them (me) alone!

Some people are able to funtion without illegal narcotic, but they are the exception and not the rule.
So I propose that we put an end to this evil which has befallen us.
The goverment dosent want you to do drugs. Why? How the fuck should *I* know? Seems like a random decision to me. Well for some. Crack does kinda fuck you over but does this effect them? No! And if you live in Canada (like me) the only reason its not allowed here is because it is in the US.
Isnt that just fucking sad?
And what can you do to yourself with weed? Your stupid for a while. Alcahol is worse. I havent forgoten if I slept with somebody after smokin up.
So please support us, in our quest to get every one baked.
We can have national Smoke Up Day!