my kik ass midi's

Green Day Stuff

Basket Case
Some1 TOLD me this wuz frum Green Day
Brain Stew
The Secret Song
When I Come Around
Walking Contradiction
Welcome to Paradise
*i wanna go to paradise whaaaaaaaaaaaaa*
Good Riddance (time of you life)


About a Girl
I Forget Which one This is
I Forget This one too
heh heh he i kinda have a memory problem
*Note:if you kow what thoes songs are tell me k?*
Teen Sprit
Drain You
Stay Away


*yes I know this copy of machine head sux dont worry im gettin a new one soon*
Machine Head


All I want
Gone Away
Self Esteem
meaning-of-life_off.mid">Meaning Of Life
Come Out and Play

Other Stuff

Love Fool-------->Cardigans
Bullet with Butterflywings-------->Smashing Pumpkins
Istanbul (i think!)-------->Giants?
Nice Shot-------->Filter
Bound for the Floor-------> Local H
1979-------->Smashing Pumpkins
Bohemian Raspbody--------->Queen
Makin me High----------->Uhhhhh,that chick ya know?
Tainted Love--------------->No idea who its by
Virtural Insanity------>Im not goin to even try to spell this
Girls----->Beasty Boys. I just love this song.
Popular------>Nada Surf
Buddy Holly---------->Weezer
Come On Eileen-------->Save Ferris
Time Bomb------->Rancid
Damnit------------->Blink 182
M&Ms--------->Blink 182
Number 1 Crush---------------------->Garbage
Flagpole Sitta------->Harvey Dangerfeild(?)

Thats all for now 1