Hello. I am Mr. Face. And dont you fucking forget it.
I am here to show you what makes that fucked up bitch, Shauna, work.
Lots of people would like to tell her Im just a paranoid fantasy, but Im not. So shut the fuck up and leave your morals at the door, because Im in charge now. Whether you like it or not, I will rip apart anything I damn well please, and will not fucking apologize.
Welcome to the other side.

Wow that stupid hoe got around to posting another rant. Fuckin yay. So now theres gotta be links to shit or this page will take 8 fuckin hours to load. It'd serve ya damn fucks right.
The Abyss.
Why I Hate Life.
Leave Shauna the Fuck Alone
Invation of the Butch Dykes
Testosteone, and the Pain it Causes
Why I Hate my Family
Christanity: Idiodisy in Motion
The Truth About Mr Face
Baked Rantings
Fuck it.

Well kiddies, that should keep you occupied for a bit, and hopefully, the rants will depress you enough that you'll kill your self. Goodbye from Mr. Face, and remember, make the world a better place.... kill yourself!

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