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Many people go through life in several types of pain. to help with this, I offer a page for you to view...and possibly to help with.
This page is for your wings of hope.
Wings of Hope
The Music you are listening to is an Original
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Shadow Dancer's Home Page

AKA My_Stuph

Most of these backgrounds were obtained from Kokomo Opalescent Glass Please visit them and thank them for me =^_^=

Imagination is a Pegasus,
Wild and Free,
Never to be tethered,
Tamed by you or me.
(c) Apr 7, 1997, Shadow Dancer

Nani? A homepage for Shadow Dancer? No Way! Actually, yes, there is one....:) Here's links to my favourite areas.

Links to other sites on the Web

Black Lightning Design Group A group that specializes in music and game add-ons. Currently defunct, ask him when it's gonna be back.
Due to the fact that I am seriously addicted to Anime in general and Ranma 1/2 in particular, here's my Fanfic Link Page, which also has a small section about my completely original stories, as well.

Here, to my great happiness, is my D&D page for people who love Dungeons and Dragons and would like to play in one of my campaigns. There is lots of Anime and other cameos in all my games, so watch out!

Just so you know, the games have temprarily been cancelled. email me to find out when they might be started up again.

My sex page Here you can find all my pics and links on the theme SEX!!!!!!!

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1997 Shadow Dancer
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