This plot of land is located in the region of Junin, a few miles from the city of San Ramon.  
  The plot of land is situated right next to the Tarma River (to the left side of Puente Victoria). It's divided into two levels, the river (lower) level and the high level, in which you can appreciate the city of San Ramon and the local Air Force base.  
  The plot of land is fenced at the lower (river) level, the higher level is not. The climate is very similar to that of Miami (average high temperature: upper 80's, average low temperature mid 70's), warm through out almost all of the year. Its rainy season consist of 3 months out of the year.  


Total area is of 7.6 acres


To the North: 262.5 Feet

To the South (Shore of the Tarma River) :721 Feet or 240 yards

To the East: 721 feet or 240 yards

To the West: 1082.5 feet or 360.9 yards