Link's Little Piece of the Web
Here's what my gargoyle character Link looks like.  I know this page isn't anything anymore, but that;s what I get for forgetting HTMl.
here are the main characters of an anime series that I have watched for many years, Ranma 1/2.  Both halves of Ranma are to the left, and his fiancee, Akane Tendo to the right.
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This is my friend, Eden's webpage
I figured since it's been over a year, I'd pop in and attempt a redesign, sorta.  It works for me.  So if anyone has critque or what not send it to my email address, whose link you can find in between the two anime pics.  Anyway, please check out my links, and I'll be back soon for another update.
A great chat place, and where I go sometimes
A Great RPG Community which I am a member of
The Mind's Eye Theatre LARP group that I am a proud member of.