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Eric Jones' homepage: The Net's prinicpal Mikado fan.
John D. Evans' homepage: AnimeMUCK's Conductor and RanmaMUCK's Ki, a guy who knows how to think sideways.
Caroline Seawright's homepage: Look on AnimeMUCK under the alias Kunoichi. Authour of some of the most developed Ranma .5 lemonfics.
Maurice Phillip's homepage: This guy is a friend of mine from the old days; his page contains some interesting BattleTech-related items.
Nebulart's homepage: Probably the Net's biggest Lufy fan. Also the guy who can be blamed for the excellent fanfic 'Bubblegum Force'.
Candy Li's homepage: She's cute, she's from Hong Kong; 'nuff said.
Michelle's homepage: Music, poetry, and AD&D are what interest her.
Amanda's homepage: Soon-to-be SoCal resident with an interest in swords and the universe of Duncan McLeod.
Sihaya's homepage: [narrative pending]
Xenara's homepage: [narrative pending]
Anouscha de Vries' homepage: [narrative pending]

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