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Ca'c ba.n nhi`n ta^'m hi`nh du*o*'i tha^'y co' gio^'ng to^.i pha.m kho^ng,, ai muo^'n la?nh thu*o*?ng thi` cu*' tri`nh vo*'i nha` chu*'c tra'ch

This is how my name was transformed into Chinese character by my Chinese instructor

Currently living at Bayarea (vu`ng vi.nh), California.

Past Educated: Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California, and Fresno California "California State University, Fresno" in Industrial Technology.
Option: "Industrial Control Systems Management

Hometown:,,, somewhere ga^`n "San Francisco" (vu`ng vi.nh Cu*.u Kim So*n) and "SanJose" (The Silicon Valley, Thung Lu~ng DDie^.n Tu*?)

Capabilities: - Computer Softwares includes Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Autocad, Quattro-Pro, Database, Microsoft Excel, and a little knowledge on 3D-Studio system.

Hobbies: - Tennis, Basketball, Soccer (goalkeeper), Volleyball setter, Bowling, and netscape for discovering other people's homepage.

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