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I take it you are either here to find more about different anime or simply want to know what anime is. Anime is Japanese Animation. These animations are detailed and are often drawn by one artist. They range from fantasy, war to everyday life stories. The residents of Anime Island all love anime and have opened there homes for people to learn more about different anime. The animes provided here include:
bulletSailormoon- The story of how a group of ordinary school girls help fight injustice in the city of Tokyo.
bulletRecord Of Lodoss War- A fantasy story with battles between monsters, knights, elfs, kings and dragons.
bulletRanma- A cute funny story about Ranma and all his fiancee and enemies: )

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What’s New

bullet Aaron's Fanfics
bullet AquaGirl's Anime Homepage
bullet Want to be a resident? E-mail one of us: Akane, Miss Mizuno or Arashi

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Resident Links

The following residents all love anime:) They also can be found on WBS Anime Chatusually from Sundays to Thursdays:)
Miss Mizuno Miss Mizuno's Library
A cool page with lots Sailormercury pictures and info. by Miss Mizuno

mokona The Ultimate Animanga Voting Booth
An excellent page where you can vote on how cute you think different characters Arashi

Ranma in a circle Akane22’s Kitchen
Lots of links and pics from Ranma1/2. by Akane22

X Demonbell and Arashi’s Homepage - X 1999
by Kishuu Arashi

uuchan Ukyou’s Restaurant
by Ukyou

DeedlitDeedlit’s Treehouse
Lots of links and pics from Lodoss War and other anime.
by Elf Deedlit

Orange Road Travelling Down Kimagure Orange Road
A beautiful, romantic yet comical animation of a love triangle.....
by Ayukawa Madoka

master ryu Master Ryu's Homepage
Will contain various anime series when completed....
by Master Ryu

Mai Shiranui Mai Shiranui's Homepage
Featuring Mercury stuff, Favorite Links (always updating) and, of course, Mai Shiranui pix!
by Mai Shiranui

kou yaten Kou Yaten's Homepage
Yaten's kawaii one stop shop for evreything Sailor Moon! And More!
by Kou Yaten

Doraemon Gel's Homepage
Gel's Homepage of cool and interesting things Japanese!! I mean stuff is about Japanese but the Homepage is English...
by Doraemon

SJC Skyworld
"Skyworld--An Anime Soap Opera by SJC"
by SJC

Sailor Neptune Neptune Homepage
Come in for the most exciting homepage about Sailor Neptune!
by Sailor Neptune01

Rune Walsh Rune Walsh's Homepage
A page about Rune Walsh
by Rune Walsh

Chibi Totoro Anime Cutie Page
A page dedicated to all the cute things in Anime. Come visit and vote on how cute they are:)
by Vampire Cutie

Miss Michiru Miss Michiru's Class
Come to Miss Michiru's Homepage and look at my new page!
by Miss Michiru

Base G Base G
Base G where you can hear some midi and songs!
by Vita Lemon

SailorMoonBase G Cosmic Moon Power Unit
A page about SailorMoon
by Dark Cataluna

Sailor Moon Wars Aaron's Fanfics
The name says it all. The page is dedicated to fanfics of course there will soon be other things so check it Aaron Peet

AquaGirl's Anime Homepage
For anyone who likes Sailor Moon or Ranma1/2!!!!!!^_~ by AquaGirl

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