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Since I do not have a scanner don't expect to see many original pics...

The game, a comination of Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy, came out in Japan in June 20th 1997. It is a totally awesome game... its got graphics, 3D fighting and a great opening sequence...

Be warned.. this site will not have many pictures... but should be filled with info

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I am utterly stuck.. if anyone cares mail me with some tips and helpful hints :). Anyway whilst I try to get somewhere in the game... Here are some neato sites for those of you Jpop fans who happen to reach my page. Logic Island is neato Click Here and Massive Retaliation.. which has a Alternative section but hasn't set it upClick Here and last but not least Eiki's Jpop page Remember anybody that has any FF fan art of fics... any FF not just tactics... mail it to me at I appreciate your support. Btw, near the bottom I have added a list of classes you can get in the order you get them.

First item of business if you want to go to my old FF7 and Manga homepageClick HERE I added a very, very brief walkthrough..... and will be adding more as I get farther in the game. If anyone out there has Tactics MIDI files mail them to me, or pictures(this includes fan art)... please.... 7/4/97

Anyway, on to the important FF Tactics stuff... I bought the game the day it came out a Circle K a Japanese convience store(we should sell games at 7-11 in America!). It was awesome, it has great computer animation and graphics. It's gameplay mostly consists of going around and killing stuff to us people who don't read Japanese. That gets boring, because essentially every battle is the same. Still, I haven't figured out how to change classes yet, and I am sure once I learn how to do that it will all be kewl.... Hell, I am not even sure what classes I am now....

For those of you who also own the game(though you are probably farther then me I offer my pitiful walkthrough

First you fight, then buy some useful equipment at the store, you do this by click the circle button then clicking it again on the second choice then the first choice as the store. The second choice at the store is an option to sell things and the third choice is an option to outfit your people then pay for the stuff. After that you pretty much know where to go, just follow the shining road. Remember to keep your people alive because if they die and turn into one of those floating diamonds or chests then its permanent. The smaller dots are places you can repeatly fight at, while the bigger ones usually only allow you to fight once, but have a store and a place to buy people(I haven't figured out how to buy people of other classes). After you go and fight to the point where no little orange thingies appear. Go to the eastern most city and a little movie sequence will happen. Then another orange thing will appear. After you beat the people there, go back to the eastern city. Then while going up to the new places, you will stop at the first green dot and a movie sequence will happen. Next go to the new northern cities. Remember to always check the store because new stuff appears all the time. Follow the orange dots and finish the first chapter, after the first chapter is finish start the second chapter.. pretty straightforward stuff.

For those of you who don't know how to change jobs or classes here is some info given to me by Huis Francois. You can reach this master FFT player at

Please follow the number: On the map, presse "Triangle button", tou will have the Map Menu with 6 choices: 1 MOVE -> 2 VIEW CHARACTERS 3 BRIEF STORY 4 TUTOR 5 SAVE / LOAD 6 OPTIONS Go to 2, you will see all your characters. Use cursor to choose a chara you want to buy abilities for (Monsters couldn't buy abilities). When you are on him, press again "Triangle button" and you'll have again 5 choices 1 ITEM: equip / autoequip / Remove an item / List -> 2 ABILITIES: set / remove an ability / buy abilities 3 JOB CHANGE 4 EJECT (quit the group) 5 UNIT ORDER: number/Level/JOB/...... To buy abilities, go to 2 to have on the bottom-right the abilities command and on the left 3 choices. 1 Set abilities= Change/Choose your second Action ability, your Reaction ability, your Support ability, and the Move ability which are shown on the right sight. 2 Remove selected Ability -> 3 Buy abilities When you go to 3, you'll access all jobs you can change. Use up and down to make choice (CIRCLE). When you enter a job class, for example Knight, you can move Left/Right to pass between ACTION, REACTION, SUPPORT, and MOVE abilities. In each menu (action, reaction,...), you have some abilities or sometime nothing. On the top right marked "Jp" is your account point this job. Each abilities cost Jp. When it is in black, you can buy it. When you buy it, it is wrote "learned", and your amount point will decrease. Use my doc I sent you to know what are their use in the battle. Ah yes, I forget to tell you how to equip abilities. After bought what you want, press "X button" to comeback to this menu: -> 1 Set abilities= Change/Choose your second Action ability, your Reaction ability, your Support ability, and the Move ability which are shown on the right sight. 2 Remove selected Ability 3 Buy abilities Choose 1 and make your choice.

Here is some more info on fighting and using spells also given to me by Huis Francois

Your characters start as Novice warrior or Item warrior. I think there'll be 20 jobs. Each job has it ablities. For example the Item warrior is the only person who can use Items like Phenix tail, medicine herb. You use "JOB CHANGE" to select the Job you want to be. When you hit characters (enemy or friend) you will gain Exp and Jp. You have 2 levels: Exp level and Jp (Job point) level. EXP: You gain a new Exp level when you reach 100 Exp. Every time you Exp level up, you increase your status (more max HP and MP). You have more Exp when you hit enemy with higher Exp level than you. And if you kill him, you'll have more Exp. Exp isn't very important. JP The job point is more interresting. The Jp you gained, when you hit monster, goes to the Job you are. If you are Novice warrior, all the Jp are counted in the Novice Warrior class. You level up when you outpass the require point. High level = many many Jp required. Max level is 8, but the JP continous to be accounted in order to buy Abliities. You use these Jp to buy the abilities of the job. To use medicine herb, phenix tail, you have first to buy the ability from the Item warrior (and buy the herbs in shop). There're different type of ability in a job: - The first page of abilities is the ACTION Ability. They are the abilities you can use in battle. For example "Throw stone", "cast a magic you've bought", "Steal money", "steal exp". - The second is REACTION Ability. When you are hit, these abilities take effect. For example, "Counter attack", "Guard", "Invisible", "regain HP when low HP". - The SUPPORT ability. Help the character. For example, "Increase Jp", "100% to hit", Allow to change equipment in battle". - The MOVE ability takes effect after your move. For example, "gain Jp", "gain a litlle MP or HP", "move +1 or +2", "teleport where you want". To change Job, you have to be high Job level. Each job require a minimum level. To become a Knight, you have to become first a Novice warrior Level 2. I think you know that. Some Job needs many requires, like Ninja (Bowman lv4, thief lv5, water/wind mage lv2). You can change the job you accessed in the map, not in battle. And don't forget, the Jp gained is for the job you are in use. Now for your questions, you can cast spells if you are mage (white, black, summoner, etc,..) and if you have buy the spell with the Jp you have earns in the appropiate job. I think you were more than level 2 in Item warrior, and you have change to White mage. You will earns Jp in white mage class when you kill enemies, and with that you can buy ACTION abilities in White mage to cast "Cure", "Raise",...

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