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The Shrine Of Ryo-ohki. 


Hi I'm Ryo-ohki and welcome to my shrine. I'm from the anime series Tenchi Muyo. For those of you who don't know, I'm a cabbit (that creature jumping on top of your screen). A cabbit is basically a cross between a cat and a rabbit, hence the name cabbit. I also have the ability to transform into a spaceship at will. Until recently, I was only able to be in one of those two forms, but now thanks to my creator Washu, I am able to transform into a humanoid form. I am often seen eating my favorite food, carrots, or I am seen near one of my best friends, Tenchi or Sasami (usually I'm sitting on Sasami's head).

The series Tenchi Muyo, is the story about a boy named Tenchi, who one day removes a seal that has kept a demon imprisoned for the last 700 years. Suddenly the demon comes back to life and it turns out not to be a demon, but really the space pirate Ryoko. The arrival of Ryoko is followed by the arrival of Princess Ayeka and her sister Princess Sasami, soon afterwards Ryoko's ship Ryo-ohki (thats me) arrives. The next characters to pop up in the series are Mihoshi and Kiyone a pair of galaxy police detectives, and finally Washu "the greatest genius-scientist in the universe" arrives. Now all of the cast is there, and the rest of the series is about their hilarious adventures.

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Do you like to talk about Tenchi Muyo or any other anime? Then come to #tenchiml on Dal net. If you dont have mirc "click here". We can't wait to see you there.

For a list of #tenchiml members. Please visit Tsunami's Page.

I'm trying some thing new, I have added three midi files to each of my pages. All you have to do to listen to them is to press play. Every month I will try to change the midi's and give you some thing new to listen to. Here is where I need you help if you find a cool midi that is anime or RPG related please send it to me via email. This way the page can become more enjoyable for everyone.

Find any cool sites that deserve a link on my page? Then email it to me. PLEASE include http:// in front of the pages address, it would be a lot of help. I'll look it over and if I feel it is a page of great worth I'll put a link to it on my page.

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