Fushigi Yuugi is about a girl called Miaka who got sucked into an ancient Chinese book called "The Universe of the Four Gods" ( | a (r)) and arrived at a city in Ancient China called "Konan" ( n )
Miaka then met Tamahome and Hotohori and was told to become Suzaku no Miko
( k) , the protector of Konan. Once she become Suzaku no Miko, and find all the Suzaku Shichi Seishi ( C P h) , she will be able to summon Suzaku ( ) and use the power of Suzaku and grant her three wishes. But Miaka's best friend Yui had become Seiryu no Miko and is keep on stopping her from calling out Suzaku. It made Miaka more difficult to complete her task.

This page is dedicated to one of my favorite Seishi, Nuriko. If you want to know who he is or more about him, this is the place for you to visit. Enjoy It!

Who is Nuriko?

Who's his seiyuu?

Who Created Him?




You are the th person to flip through Nuriko's Folder.

[Special thanks to all the Fushigi Yuugi pages which provided me informations and images. Thanks!

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