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From now on, I'll no longer be updating this site. For those of you who have been here before, thank you for your support. I'm still leaving the old stuff intact, including the links and banners for those who have put up a link to this site. Hey, wouldn't you hate to have a broken image link?

As for the page format, you may have noticed that I changed it drastically. Well, that's because I'm going to use the format for a different page. Well, that's all. Enjoy the site, and see ya around.

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About the Webmaster:

The site's creator is known as NK on the net, but whose real name has nothing to do with either the letters N or K. If you're wondering why I've stopped working on this site, then email me if you have the guts. Don't worry, I'll make sure that the email address is still working.

Let's see... my interests are working on webpages, drawing, and writing stories. I play various CCGs and PC games, and also some console games such as the Final Fantasy series by Squaresoft.

(Hopefully) I'll be going to DLSU in 1999, with the course of chemical engineering. That is, providing I get my report card in on time. Anyways, enjoy the site. The guestbook is now free for spamming.

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